Mid-Year Review for Fiscal Year 2024

If you haven’t done so already, this is a good time to enter Goals in Workday. If you have already entered goals for your staff, the entered goals can be imported into the mid-year review.

  1. During the mid-year review, staff will first go through the steps of their self-evaluation.
  2. Once the self-evaluation has been submitted in Workday, managers will then receive a task in Workday to evaluate their direct report’s performance.

Help during the process: Workday provides on-screen help text to guide you through the evaluation process. You can also find a tip sheet with step-by-step instructions: Goals in Workday, an overview of the process, and video resources on the Workday website, www.workday.upenn.edu. If you have any questions, you can direct them to your manager, our HR team, or the Penn Employee Solution Center at solutioncenter@upenn.edu.


To Add Value

We will add value to our jobs, departments, programs and the School overall by establishing administrative effectiveness and efficiency, by maintaining the highest level of knowledge in our particular field, and by collaborating and working with others to ensure best practices.

To Find Solutions to Operational Challenges

We will embrace change and push to find innovative and imaginative solutions to difficult problems. We will challenge the status quo when necessary and will commit to a solution based approach to problem solving.

To Prepare the School for Tomorrow

We will help build the infrastructure necessary for the School to grow and flourish in the changing world of higher education. We will recruit and retain the very best staff to increase our flexibility and response to unforeseen challenges ahead.

Solution Center

You can call the Solution Center at 215-898-7372 or hcmsolutioncenter@upenn.edu for questions about the following areas:

HR Policies and Procedures – Compensation/Payroll – Time reporting and eTime – Leave (PTO, FMLA, Disability) – Retiree Email Support – Tuition Benefits