Important Policy and Procedure Update for Hiring Temporary Extra Employees:

The University and School of Arts and Sciences has established standard policies and procedures related to the recruitment and hiring of Temporary Extra Employees.  The purpose of these policies is not only to ensure legal compliance with all city, state, and federal regulations, but to develop the University talent pool and advance Penn’s economic inclusion efforts with a greater public exposure of available job opportunities at Penn.

Please note the following updated policies and procedures for recruiting and hiring Temporary Extra Employees, and communicate to others in your organization or department.  

  • Temporary extra appointments should not exceed 9-months. Reappointments moving forward will require a new appointment or extension letter (links below). Temp extras should also not work more than an average of 30 hours per week over any given month or 1000 hours over a year for all their positions at the university.
  • Temp Extra positions will be classified with a staff payroll title and approved by Compensation and SAS HR moving forward, so a description of the duties/responsibilities will be required. A short version of the PIQ is recommended.
  • If a Temp Extra position will last longer than 90 days, it is required to be posted in Workday and must have a brief qualifications section for the posting, or an exception to posting needs to be requested using this form: Posting Waiver Request Form
  • Before an offer is extended, the hourly rate for temp extras should be approved by Compensation and SAS HR if the hourly rate is above $20/hour. Temp Extras can NOT be paid a stipend and must have an hourly rate, which should be included in the offer letter.  A minimum of $15/hour is being strongly recommended as a minimum rate of pay.
  • To ensure compliance with changing COVID guidelines and benefits regulations a current version of the Temp offer letter should always be used.