Ulysses and You: Behind The Scenes of Adapting The Novel

Irish Arts Center presents
Ulysses And You: Behind The Scenes Of Adapting The Novel
Thursday, October 07, 2010

On the eve of New York Comic Con, experience Ulysses “Seen”, Robert Berry’s graphic novel adaptation of the 1922 edition of James Joyce’s epic masterpiece, through commentary by the artist in conversation with Mike Barsanti, editor, and moderated by Karen Green, curator of the Columbia University Library collection of graphic novels. Learn how you, too, can be part of the creative process, with a special preview of pages from the newest chapter, and a forum for readers to suggest settings, props and character types for the remaining chapters of the comic.

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San Diego to Dublin and back

Welcome to another Hypertext Chapbook – the place where we scour the web for all things Ulyssean. This week we have a song, a bicycle ride, a Papal blessing, a lecture, a letter and some dusty old manuscripts. Accept these meagre diversions while we all eagerly await reports of our glorious leader’s performance at the San Diego Comic Convention panel on Comics After Paper. If you can’t wait or didn’t know (?) here’s a preview by panel host Doug Wolk. Obviously the panel itself has already happened but as the SDCC is a notoriously draining experience we may have to wait until Rob is fully recovered to hear what was said. In the meantime read all the good stuff after the break …

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