We are pleased to announce the accepted papers for WHEATS 2013. The selection process was very competitive this year. Please click on each title below to view the corresponding abstract. Papers will be precirculated to registered participants in the month leading up to the workshop.

In Search of Goldthread: Harvest, Cultivation and Multiplication of a Bitter Herb in Late Imperial China
He Bian, Harvard University

“Many Bulldozers are Drooling:” The Spatial Politics of Rail Trails
Silas Chamberlin, Lehigh University

Technologies of Nature: How UV Lamps Brought Nature to the City
Meghan Crnic, University of Pennsylvania

In Pursuit of “Honest Milk”: Nature, Proximity, and Labour in Early Ontario Cheese Making
Hayley Goodchild, McMaster University

Synthetic Wilderness: Consumption and Modernity in Outdoor Recreation
Rachel Gross, University of Wisconsin, Madison

The Greening of Diplomacy: Landsat, Environment, and the Cold War, 1964-1978
Brian Jirout, Georgia Institute of Technology

Model Aquatic Environments: Animal Behavior Studies with medusae at American Marine Laboratories, 1900-1930
Samantha Muka, University of Pennsylvania

Healing the Land: The Environmental Politics of Re-inhabitation
Jennifer Thomson, Harvard University