Selected Recent Publications

  • Golman, R., Bhatia, S. & Kane, P. (in press). The dual accumulator model of strategic deliberation and decision making. Psychological Review. [pdf]
  • Bhatia, S. (in press). Predicting risk perception: New insights from data science. Management Science. [pdf]
  • Bhatia, S., Richie, R, & Zou, W. (2019). Distributed semantic representations for modelling human judgment. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 29, 31-36. [pdf]
  • He, L., Golman, R. & Bhatia, S. (2019). Variable time preference. Cognitive Psychology. 111, 53-79. [pdf]
  • Weingarten, E., Bhatia, S. & Mellers, B. (2019). Multiple goals as reference points: One failure makes everything else feel worse. Management Science, 65(7), 2947-3448. [pdf]
  • Bhatia, S. & Pleskac, T. (2019). Preference accumulation as a process model of desirability ratings. Cognitive Psychology, 109, 47-67. [pdf]

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