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2023     Forthcoming: We Thought It Would Be Heaven: Refugees in an Unequal America. (Blair Sackett and Annette Lareau). Berkeley: University of California Press.

2021     Listening to People: A Practical Guide to Interviewing, Participant-Observation, Data Analysis, and Writing It All Up. (Annette Lareau). Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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2011     Unequal Childhoods: Race, Class, and Family Life. Second Edition. A Decade Later. Berkeley: University of California Press. [1st edition 2003]

   (Translated into Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. Reprinted (selections): American Families (Edited by S. Coontz, Routledge, 2008, 400-417).)

2009     Education Research On Trial: Policy Reform and the Call for Scientific Rigor. (Edited by P. Barnhouse Walters, A. Lareau, and S. Ranis). New York: Routledge

2008     Social Class: How Does it Work? (Edited by A. Lareau and D. Conley). New York: The Russell Sage Foundation.

2000     Home Advantage:  Social Class and Parental Intervention in Elementary Education, Second Edition. Lanham, MD: Rowan and Littlefield. [1st edition 1989]

1996     Journeys Through Ethnography: Realistic Accounts of Field Research. (Edited by A. Lareau and J. Shultz) Boulder: CO. Westview.

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