Hyojong Yoo

> Hyojong Yoo

Hyojong Yoo

hyojong-yoo Visiting Scholar

email: hyojong@hallym.ac.kr

  • Synthesis and application of functional Nano-hybrid Materials
  • Coordination Polymers and Inorganic Materials
  • Particulate Nanomaterials for Energy Applications and Catalysis


2010-Present: Associate Professor at Hallym University
2009-2010: Los Alamos National Lab, Postdoc
2006-2009: Northwestern University, Postdoc
1998-2001: Korea Air Force Academy, Full-time Instructor
2001-2006: University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D.
1996-1998: Seoul National University, M.S.
1992-1992: Yonsei University (B.S. in Chemistry)