CHIN 0260 Beginning Business Chinese II (formerly CHIN 082)


CHIN0160 or teacher permission



Startup Business Chinese: An introductory Course for Professionals, Level 1”. By Jane C.M. Kuo. Cheng & Tsui Co., 2007



Ms. Xiaomeng Zhang (


Course Description

This course is designed for those who have taken one semester of college level Chinese or equivalent. Prior knowledge of the Chinese pinyin writing system is expected. No knowledge of Chinese characters is required. This course is designed to develop listening and speaking skills in Mandarin-speaking business contexts by acquiring basic vocabulary and expressions related to business activities as well as everyday life in China. Through active exploration of Chinese social and cultural norms, students will develop an understanding of Chinese cultural products, practices, and perspectives, as well as Chinese interpersonal behavioral culture to communicate across ethnic, cultural, ideological and national boundaries. By the end of the semester, you will be able to handle a number of situations that have immediate concern to your business activities as well as everyday life in China, including etiquettes to use when first meeting a business counterpart, how to arrange business meals, the etiquettes and protocol for meals with business associates, how to arrange and respond to options for meetings and social activities, how to ask for directions and take mass transit, how to make a purchase and the cultural norms for buying gifts.