A testament to the quality of language instruction at Penn—and a significant factor contributing to quality of language instruction at Penn—is the extraordinary role that Penn language teaching staff play inĀ  teaching beyond Penn. Working closely with Penn’s Center For East Asian Studies (CEAS), the Penn Chinese Language Program has received its eighth consecutive, annual Department of Defense STARTALK grant. To increase the number of Americans learning, speaking and teaching critical-need foreign languages, between 2007 and 2014, Penn STARTALK has taught Chinese (and provided generous scholarships) to nearly 200 high school students and 14 K-12 teachers learning, respectively, Chinese language and Chinese language pedagogy. Since 2017, CEAS has been collaborating with CLP to train Chinese language teachers with STARTALK funded summer programs, merging cutting-edge pedagogy, technology and global content related to China’s “One Belt One Road” Initiative.

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