Study Abroad & Scholarships


Why do I need to study abroad?

All students are encouraged to seek a meaningful and lasting level of Chinese competence beyond the FL requirement sequences.  Study abroad is the solution to the insufficient exposure to the Chinese culture and interaction with native speakers.  

Should I go to China in the fall, spring or the summer? 

Penn students have the choices of semester abroad and summer abroad depending on each student’s summer plan and four-year academic plan. A few motivated students like to take study abroad courses both in the summer and the fall, experiencing two different cities in China.  

Where can I get information regarding semester abroad? 

Interested students should visit the Penn Abroad for information and guidance.

Where can I get information regarding summer abroad?

The Chinese Language Program organizes a summer study abroad information meeting early December every year. In the meeting, field directors/program assistants of recommended  programs are invited to Penn to meet Penn students. Past participants of these programs will also come to the meeting to share their experience. All students who are interested in summer study abroad should pay attention to the announcement of the time and place of this meeting.

How many credits can I get for my summer abroad work?

Usually two credits will be issued for summer abroad. Upon receiving the official transcripts, students may make an appointment with the Chinese program coordinator for the evaluation of language progress and receiving of Penn credits.

Does Penn have its own study abroad program? Which program is the best one? 

Penn does not have its own program currently.  We recommend students study the features of different programs, such as host family, cities, competitiveness as well as course offerings;  then, make decisions based on individual preferences.

What programs does the Chinese program recommend?

Penn Abroad serves as the hub for student global opportunities at the University of Pennsylvania. Each year the University sends over 2,500 Penn students to more than 50 countries around the world on semester study abroad, summer internships, service learning, and short-term programs.

You may visit Penn Abroad and make an appointment with a Penn Global Programs Manager to talk about your interests. There are a lot of opportunities for Penn students to study in China. The following is a simple list. For more information, including funding information, please visit: