CHIN 0520 & CHIN 0620 Chinese Reading and Writing III & IV (formerly CHIN 231 & 232)


CHIN 0420 or the instructor’s permission



  1. Oh, China! (中国啊!中国!):Modern Chinese Reader for Advanced Beginner/ Chih-ping Chou, Princeton University, 2011 (OC).
  2. Beyond the Basics, 2nd edition / Jianhua Bai, Cheng & Tsui Co., Boston, 2009. (BB)
  3. Jeremy Lin:New 2nd Edition without Pinyin. Chinese Biographies by Grace Wu, Cheng & Tsui Co., Boston, 2016. (JC)



Ms. Grace Wu (



These two courses are designed for students at the intermediate writing level. This course concentrates on writing multi-paragraph essays through the use of conventional rhetorical modes and standard grammatical structures. Students will be given ample time to think and to discuss (the crucial “brainstorming” phase) before writing. The course stresses content as well as form and draws this content from students’ personal experiences, assigned reading and other stimuli such as Internet materials, newspapers readings and films. By the end of the term, students are expected to write well-developed paragraphs using supporting details and clear topic sentences; develop an understanding of the descriptive, narrative and comparative rhetorical pattern of expression; meet the practical reading tasks such as 100 pages Chinese Biographies (without pinyin); write essays with answers to content-based questions requiring definition and argumentation. Topics introduced in these two courses include China fever, China’s human rights and trade, China-Taiwan issues, brand awareness, Chinese biographies, freedom of speech, money management, marriage & education, intergenerational communication, Asian American history, Asian participation in politics, and mental health issues.


Sample Text #1

这个方法表面上看起来很好,但是实际上有很大的问题。所谓双语教育的结果常常是减少了少数民族孩子学习英文的机会, 而并不能保持住他们的母语, 这对他们以后在社会上的竞争是很不利的。


Sample Text #2

林书豪生在美国、长在美国,是“纯美国制造”,所以他的想法、价值观和信仰都和姚明 不同。此外,由于中美训练环境的差异,他与姚明在习惯和思维方式方面也有不同。他 有美国式的热情和团队精神,他和队友的沟通更好、更有默契。作为土生土长的华裔美国人,他能进NBA对美国华裔的影响非常大


Sample Text #3

在美国人的消费结构里,“信用”也就是“credit”,是非常重要的一个观念,”信用“是一个人借钱的能力, 而信用是靠借钱和还钱的记录建立起来的。一个从来不借钱的人,在一定的意义上,反而成了一个没有信用的人, 倒是一个经常借钱又能如期还钱的人反而有更好的信用。


Sample Text #4