CHIN 0705 Advanced Spoken Chinese I (formerly CHIN 371)


CHIN 0700 or teacher permission



No textbook



Dr. Ye Tian (


Course Descriptions:

This course is designed for students who have completed at least the intermediate level Chinese language course (CHIN-0500) at the University of Pennsylvania, or have studied the language for at least three years. The objective of this course is to consolidate the knowledge and skills students have acquired from previous Mandarin Chinese classes and to enhance their oral expressive skills and China knowledge by using Chinese authentic materials such as Chinese movies, news, websites, podcasts. Themes of the course include Penn Museum and Chinese cultural relics protection, my Penn life, covid-19, Chinese immigrants in the U.S., status of women in China, three-child policy, China’s political system, Sino-US relations, the Belt and Road Initiative, and China’s wolf warrior diplomacy. In addition, the course stresses on connecting students’ Chinese language and China knowledge with their academic majors and minors. Students will be challenged to give presentations on the topics in their academic studies.

This course CANNOT be used to fulfill language requirement, but you can use either this course OR CHIN 371 Advanced Spoken Mandarin I to get the Language Certificate.


Sample Text (Entry):

海外华人有多少?这个数字可能谁也说不清楚。不过中国社会科学院2007年发布的报告显示,目前中国移民已超过3500万人,是全球最大的移民群体(From Topic 4《中国人的移民梦》)


Sample Text (Exit):

当前国际局势变化很快,美中高层的坦诚对话,对双方来说都是至关重要的。中国是如此重要的国家,美中两国领导人会发现。双方在相当多方面有着共同的利益。(From Topic 11 《中美关系》)