CHIN 0865 Business Chinese II (formerly CHIN 382)


CHIN 0620, CHIN 0800 or the instructor’s permission



Texts compiled by the instructor



Dr. Jiajia Wang (


Course Description:

This course is an advanced level Chinese language course for business-orientated subjects. It is designed for students whose Chinese language speaking ability has reached Advanced Mid (by ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012) and above. This course is aimed to enhance students’ language skills in a business context and to promote their understanding of the business environment and culture in contemporary China. Besides the development and practices of Chinese companies in the new millennium, we will also look into important business sectors, such as the stock market, real estate market, public relations, and the impact of international politics. Students will also read selected materials in Chinese from various sources. By the end of the semester, students are expected to (a) enhance the cultural awareness of contemporary China and the Chinese business world; (b) gain vocabulary and fluency in Chinese to function more confidently and comfortably in professional settings; (c) access business news and information in Chinese; (d) give business presentations in Chinese. Topics introduced in this course include stock market, banking system, real estate market, Sino-US trade war, enterprises’ social responsibilities and public images, etc.


Sample Text (Entry): “中国的股票市场”



Sample Text (Exit): “中美贸易战”