Chinese Language Courses

Penn Chinese Program offers Chinese courses from introductory through advanced levels. Besides Mandarin Chinese, the program also teaches some Chinese dialects, i.e. Cantonese, Shanghaiese, and Taiwanese on a regular basis. The language courses also improve students’ understanding of Chinese culture, history, and society. The size of the classes is small which makes it easier to learn and students receive a lot of attention in the class.

If you feel there are circumstances such as gaps in your Chinese learning experience, choice of Chinese character form, significant “imbalance” in your language skills or learning difficulty, please consult the director of the Chinese Language Program, Dr. Ye Tian.

Below is the link to the full list of the Chinese course prerequisites.


Students may contact appropriate course coordinators regarding course prerequisites, textbooks, objectives and methodology. The e-mail addresses and names of course coordinators are given below.

CHIN 011, 012 Beginning Modern Chinese I/II Dr. Maiheng Dietrich
CHIN 021, 022 Intensive Beginning Modern Chinese I-II/III-IV Mr. Chih-jen Lee
CHIN 031, 032 Beginning Reading & Writing Chinese I/II Ms. Grace Wu
CHIN 111, 112 Beginning Chinese III/IV Mr. Chih-jen Lee
CHIN 211, 212 Intermediate Modern Chinese I/II Dr. Ye Tian
CHIN 231, 232 Intermediate Reading & Writing Chinese I/II Ms. Grace Wu
CHIN 311, 312 Advanced Modern Chinese I/II Dr. Jiajia Wang
CHIN 371, 372 Advanced Spoken Mandarin I/II Dr. Ye Tian
CHIN 381, 382 Business Chinese I/II Dr. Jiajia Wang
CHIN 411, 412 Reading in Modern Chinese Literature I/II Dr. Maiheng Dietrich
CHIN 481, 482 Advanced Business Chinese I/II Dr. Mien-hwa Chiang



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