Mental Health Wellness Series #9

Mental Health Workshop “De-stress during stressful time

The Penn Mental Health Wellness Series #9 “De-stress during Stressful Times,” sponsored by the Matthew Y Wang’s Memorial Fund and organized by Grace Wu, Senior Foreign Language Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania, took place on 12/11. The event aimed to enrich the Heritage Language curriculum and emphasize mental health wellness among Chinese American students.

Led by seven nurse practitioner students, the workshop covered a diverse range of topics crucial for mental well-being, including meditation, sleep hygiene, mindfulness, nutrition, and self-care. With over 100 student participants, the event included interactive Kahoot games and provided delightful desserts and refreshing bubble tea, creating an engaging and communal atmosphere.

The workshop successfully addressed the mental health needs of Chinese American students, combining expert-led sessions. This comprehensive approach provided practical strategies for students to incorporate into their daily lives.