Snack and Chat

As a highly interdisciplinary major with few classes you all must take, COGS provides limited opportunities for you all to have repeated interactions with each other (or with Drs. Yang and Richie!). We would therefore like to provide a time and space for you all to get to know us, and each other, a little better!

Drs. Yang and Richie therefore will start holding regular Snack and Chat sessions. In Spring 2023, we’ll hold these from 2-3pm on Monday January 30th, Monday February 27th, Monday March 27th, and Tuesday May 2nd. All sessions will be held in Goddard 200 (the large room right outside Dr. Richie’s office)

Feel free to drop in at any point during any of the Chats. And no need to bring any particular academic questions or goals. Just come as you are, ready to snack – and chat!