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Feminist Data Science in Action

March 21, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

A Conversation with Catherine D’Ignazio: scholar, artist/designer and hacker mama who focuses on feminist technology and data justice.

Critiques and exposés of how big data, big tech, and AI can perpetuate discrimination and inequality have been mounting in recent years. How can data scientists, researchers, and planners who work with data and AI use these tools in the service of equity, justice, and liberation? 

This talk finds an answer in the data science practices of grassroots feminist activists across the Americas working to address the serious problem of feminicide (fatal gender-related violence against women and girls, including cisgender and transgender women). These “data activists” are producing counterdata (data that is either missing from or challenges existing official data) that centers care, memory, and justice — an alternative approach that defies the reigning logic of data science.

Talk will be hybrid, with in-person location on 6th floor of Van Pelt Library (Orrery Pavilion). Lunch will be served. For more information and registration, please visit this site