Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement

June 27-28, 2022  

Elite Politics and the Coming 20th Party Congress

Presenters: Jude Blanchette, Ryan Hass

Moderator: Jacques deLisle

China’s Economic Agenda

Presenters: Mark Wu, Gerard DiPippo

Moderator: Jude Blanchette

China’s Climate and Energy Policies

Presenters: Alex Wang, Angel Hsu

Moderator: Neysun Mahboub

Understanding Global China

Presenters: Mary Gallagher, Julia Voo, Robert Williams

Moderator: Jacques deLisle

Beijing’s Evolving Strategy on Taiwan

Presenters: Maggie Lewis, Jacques deLisle

Moderator: Jude Blanchette

Public Opinion in China: What Do We Know?

Presenters: Rory Truex

Moderator: Jude Blanchette

Internal Security and Discontent

Presenters: Sheena Greitens, Dan Mattingly

Moderator: Jacques deLisle

Where is China’s Legal System Heading?

Presenters: Neysun Mahboubi, Maggie Lewis, Jacques deLisle

Moderator: Jude Blanchette