Faculty Forum

A key research theme currently at Globalization Studies in an Urban World is Global Cities.

PROGRAM for research cluster on global cities (Read about Globalization Studies in an Urban World’s research statement and approach)

Below is a list of primary research data or analyses of members of the Globalization Studies in an Urban World and Penn Institute for Urban Research (Penn IUR, http://www.upenn.edu/penniur/) Faculty Forum on Globalization, an effort to bring together and generate discussion among all numerous globalization-related academic activities and programs at the University of Pennsylvania. The materials we have collected here include the following subtopics and relate to our discussion and research on the problems of Global Cities:

Global Economy; Environment & Food; Technology & Engineering; Global Health; Cities; Education; Gender Relations; Food Security

The Global Economic & Financial Crisis

Mauro F. Guillén
Director of the Lauder Institute
University of Pennsylvania

Food and Environmental Concerns in Contemporary Global Economy

Alan M. Kelly
Gilbert S. Kahn Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine
Professor of Pathology
University of Pennsylvania

The World in 2050

James D. Ferguson
Section Chief, Animal Production Systems
Professor of Nutrition, School of Veterinary Medicine
University of Pennsylvania

Technology, Engineering, and Education in Developing Economies

Joseph S. Sun Director of Academic Affairs, Director, Community Technology and Outreach Initiatives, SEAS, University of Pennsylvania

John D. Keenan Vice Dean and Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering, SEAS, University of Pennsylvania

Global Health and Education

Nancy Biller, MA, MPH Administrative Director Global Health Programs, University of Pennsylvania

Neal Nathanson Associate Dean and Professor Emeritus of Microbiology Global Health Programs, University of Pennsylvania

Globalizing Havana

Matthew Hill Lecturer Urban Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Collaboration with World Bank

Globalization and Education

Alan Ruby Senior Fellow, GSE, University of Pennsylvania

Gender Relations

Brian Spooner, Professor, Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania

Food Security

Zhengxia Dou, Associate Professor of Agricultural Systems School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Clinical Studies/New Bolton Center