Questionnaire Development

The questionnaire drew on:

(a) qualitative work conducted in the research areas, including semi-structured interviews, focus groups, and/or fieldtesting of a various version(s) of the questionnaire, and

(b) after the fir wave, questionnaires used in previous rounds of both the KDICP and MDICP.

For the KDICP-1, the questionnaire was first drafted in English, and then translated into and administered in Luo, the local language. The translation was done by a pair of supervisors who had first been trained by the PIs with respect to the objectives of the project and the meanings of the questions over the period of several days, and who had constant access to the PIs for clarification of a question’s interpretation. The original translation was then improved during interviewer training.

For the following two rounds of the KDICP, however, questionnaires were not translated into the local language and administered in English. The experiences in the first round of the KDICP raised questions about the appropriate questionnaire language, with considerable debate among the supervisors. Some supervisors said that a Luo questionnaire was preferable, such that the interviewers would not be translating on the spot from English. Other supervisors, however, pointed out that interviewers had difficulty reading the local language questionnaires, because Luo is not taught in school. These supervisors indicated that it would have been easier for the interviewers to have an English questionnaire, but in training to emphasize understanding the questions and to provide uniformity on any possibly ambiguous wording. For KDICP-2 and KDICP-3 we provided both English and Luo questionnaires and let the interviewers choose the language which they believed would be most effective.

The third round of the KDICP also collected village-level data. The supervisors with primary responsibility for a certain village were instructed to ask a number of key informants these questions while walking around the village with the interviewers.


The English version of the questionnaires administered can be downloaded in .pdf format below. Contact us if you would like versions of the questionnaires in the vernacular (Luo).

KDICP-1, Female questionnaire*
KDICP-1, Male questionnaire*
KDICP-2, Female questionnaire
KDICP-2, Male questionnaire
KDICP-3, Female questionnaire
KDICP-3, Male questionnaire
KDICP-3, Village questionnaire
* The version of the questionnaire that was adminstered to respondents during KDICP-1 was in Luo. This is the translated version of those original questionnaires.