Two Penn Students Won Awards at the 1st Mid-Atlantic Speech Contest

The Korean Language Program is thrilled to announce that two Penn students received awards at the first-ever Mid-Atlantic Korean Speech Contest held on April 2, 2022. A total of 26 presenters from 11 schools participated in the three levels of this highly competitive contest, and three Penn students – Charlotte Fox, Tess Christensen, and Julia Lammers – were selected to compete within each of these levels. After a day of exciting competition, Tess Christensen won second place in the Level 2: Informative Speech and Opinion section, and Julia L. won third place in the Level 3: Persuasive Speech section. Congratulations on everyone’s excellent performance!!

Silver Prize Winner (Level 2) — Tess Christensen, LING ’22

Tess has been studying Korean for 3 years, and hopes to work in Korea as an English teacher in the future. As a linguistics major, she loves Korean grammar and the challenge of studying a language so grammatically distant from English. She believes that everyone should try learning a new language!

Bronze Prize Winner (Level 3) — Julia Lammers, International Relations, ’23

My exposure to a vibrant Korean community in Atlanta enticed me to self-study the language, and I took my first Korean language class at Penn after placing into KORN132. I would like to especially thank my 선생님s of Korean Heritage Speakers II (Siwon Lee), Business Korean I (Haewon Cho), Current Korean Media I (Eunae Kim) and Advanced Business Korean II (Sangwoo Jin) for their support that led me to enter this speech contest.

Certificate of Achievement (Level 1) — Charlotte Fox, EALC ’24

Having loved K-pop and ever since I was in high school, I started taking Korean language courses as soon as I arrived at Penn. Even when classes were online, studying Korean connected me with an amazing network and supportive community. Studying Korean has also pushed me to gain new experiences, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to study abroad in Seoul in fall 2022!

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