Fall 2023 Kimbap Workshop

Spring 2023 End-of-Year Party & Talent Show


Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Korean Language Table


Spring 2022 End-of-Year Party

Fall 2019 Kimbap Workshop: Let’s Roll!

The Kimbap Workshop offers a fun experience to students and the Penn community to get together, make Kimbap with their friends, and eat all Kimbap afterwards.


Fall 2018 Kimbap Workshop: Let’s Roll!

Spring 2018 Korean Language Table

The Korean Language Table is held every Thursday evening in which students at different levels get together and have fun talking talk about K-pop, K-drama, Korean food, and anything that comes to mind. It is helpful for students, because we have native Korean speakers who volunteer and facilitate the discussion.

Spring 2018 Korean Calligraphy Event

The Korean Calligraphy event offers an opportunity for students to learn about the traditional way of writing in Korean. It is a hands-on experience in which students can use authentic materials and practice writing and drawing in a beautiful, traditional way.

Fall 2017 Kimbap Workshop: Let’s Roll

Spring 2016 Quaker Day: Language Palooza

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Fall 2015 Language Round Table

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Fall 2014 Korean Language Table