Korean Major and Minor

Major in East Asian Languages and Civilizations (EALC), with a concentration in Korea

Language Requirement: 6 c.u.

For students without any prior knowledge of Korean, the 6 c.u. language requirement will be met by taking Elementary Korean (KORN 011/012), Intermediate Korean (KORN 111/112), and Advanced Korean (KORN 211/212). Students who place out of elementary courses must fulfill the 6 c.u. with more advanced courses chosen in consultation with the Korean Concentration Advisor.

EALC003 and Second Gateway Course: 2 c.u.

Students must take Introduction to Korean Civilization (EALC003) and a second “gateway” course, either Introduction to Chinese Civilization (EALC001) or Introduction to Japanese Civilization (EALC002). They do not have to be taken in sequence. Students who plan to study in Korea should complete EALC003 and at least Beginning Korean (KORN011/012) before going abroad. The gateway courses should be taken at Penn. Similar courses at other institutions will not be accepted in place of EALC001, EALC002, or EALC003 without prior approval.

EALC Seminar 200-level: 1 c.u.

Students must take an EALC200-level course focusing on Korea. Study Abroad credit given as EALC297 or EALC298 does not count toward the seminar requirement.

Electives: 4 c.u.

Majors should consider taking an additional 1 c.u. of Korean language as an elective so that they may apply for the Language Certificate which requires 7 c.u. of Korean language. Consult with the advisor for options that fulfill the elective requirement. Courses on Korea from outside the EALC department are usually acceptable.

Minor in East Asian Languages and Civilizations (EALC), with a concentration in Korea

  • *Language Requirement: 4 c.u.
  • Both basic language courses and advanced courses in literature in the original language count toward this requirement.
  • EALC 081 (Korean History)
  • Electives: 3 c.u.
*Students must complete 4 c.u. of Korean  language, usually Elementary Korean I & II (KORN011 & 012) and Intermediate Korean I & II (KORN111 & 112).  The requirement may also be fulfilled by taking two semesters of Korean for Heritage Speakers (KORN131 and 132).  For those students who place out of KORN112 or KORN132, established by qualifying exam or transfer credit, the language requirement is reduced to 2 c.u. taken at PENN so that the total minor requirement for these students is reduced to 6 c.u.  The three electives should be non-language courses pertaining to Korea; however, higher level language and literature courses may be accepted with prior approval.

Contact Dr. David Spafford (spafford@sas.upenn.edu) for more information on the EALC major, and Dr. Hsiao-Wen Cheng (hscheng@sas.upenn.edu) for the EALC minor.