Information for Prospective Students

Participation in the Language and Communication Sciences Program at Penn requires admission to one of Penn’s Ph.D. programs. If you are applying to one and wish to be considered for the LCS Program, please email the LCS Director, Professor Anna Papafragou, anna4(at) In addition, please include the following sentence at the end of your Personal Statement in your graduate application:

“I wish to be considered for the Graduate Certificate Program in Language and Communication Sciences.”

The core graduate programs for LCS are:

Enrollment of graduate students from other programs, including Anthropology, Biology and Philosophy is possible as well. Please click on these links to learn more about graduate programs in each department. To apply to one of these Ph.D. programs, please contact the department directly.

Information on the online application process for the different schools at Penn can be found here: School of Arts and Sciences (e.g., for Anthropology, Biology, Linguistics and Psychology); School of Engineering (e.g., for Computer and Information Sciences), and School of Medicine (e.g., for Neuroscience)