Enroll in School Year and Summer Programs

Netter Center for Community Partnerships and Philadelphia Youth Network are offering programs at various sites that enable the youth to gain valuable real-life experience while earning a stipend!

Our Programs

The Netter Center hosts multiple programs in various schools around Philadelphia.

Students participate in these programs during the School Year and the Summer.

Bridges to Wealth

  1. Financial literacy and social entrepreneurship mentoring
  2. High school
  3. Virtual, hybrid, in-person

College and Career Exploration

  1. Lesson planning and activity facilitation
  2. Middle school

Cross-Grade Literacy

  1. Lesson planning and activity facilitation, admin tasks
  2. High school


  1. Outdoor gardening activities
  2. Middle and high school

HUP-Cedar Internship

  1. HUP visits and career exploration in the medical field
  2. High school

Civic Engagement Summer

  1. Facilitating civics education and media literacy workshops, potential peer-to-eer youth voter registration activities, mentoring youth advocacy projects
  2. High school

Cooking Crew

  1. Facilitating cooking, nutrition, and wellness activities
  2. High school

Cross-Grade Sports

  1. Lesson planning, outdoor activities
  2. High school

Rebel Ventures

  1. Mentoring for entrepreneurship, media design, videography, marketing and branding…generally supporting a youth-run healthy food business
  2. High school

Enroll today!

To enroll in the School Year or Summer Program visit the link below. Make sure to select the correct application type. UACS Application is mandatory for all students joining the program for the first time.