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In today’s fraught media environment, communicating policy-relevant science is more challenging than ever, and nowhere is this more evident than in the public discourse over human-caused climate change. The Penn Center for Science, Sustainability, and the Media focuses on the challenges and opportunities in communicating climate and environmental sustainability to the public and policymakers.

PCSSM Senior Research Fellow Dr. Joseph Romm releases two new white papers on clean energy

Dr. Joseph Romm, a leading expert on climate solutions and clean energy—and on communicating about these issues to the public—has released two new white papers on Bioenergy and Bioengery Capture and Storage; and Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage.

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COP 28 PRIMERS: The Two Dangerous Myths COP28 Is Built Around, and the Two Climate “Solutions” That Make Things Worse
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Historically, journalists have struggled to report on climate change. If they reported on it at all, they incorrectly presented it as a debate
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Michael Mann, a Leading Climate Scientist, Wins His Defamation Suit
The researcher had sued two writers for libel and slander over comments about his work. The jury awarded him damages of more than $1 million.
Taylor Swift Can Be the Climate Hero We Need Now
One of the most viral zingers from last year—the hottest year on record—was this tweet thumb-slammed in response to the global news of America’s beloved pop star
Separating myth from reality on climate change
Carbon offsets for air travel, carbon capture and storage in wells drilled far underground, heat pumps for heating and cooling of buildings and replacing fossil fuel burners with