Undergrad Climate and Energy Policy Seminar: Michael Mann

A selection of photos from the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy’s Undergrad Climate and Enery Policy seminar during Penn Energy Week on March 20, 2023. Each spring, the Kleinman Center hosts its undergraduate student fellows program and climate and energy policy seminar series. This program is designed as a competitive and selective appointment for committed undergraduates. Admitted students are expected to attend a lunchtime seminar every other week at the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy. These energy and climate policy seminar sessions provide students with the opportunity to meet and hear from energy researchers as they discuss the findings and policy implications of their recent research. Photo credit: Mark Hughes.

What is ESG? Why It Matters and Why You Should Pay Attention

A selection of photos from the Penn Center for Science, Sustainability, and the Media (PCSSM) event during Penn Energy Week on March 20, 2023. ESG—short for Environmental, Social and Governance—is all the buzz in the business and investment worlds. But what exactly is ESG? And why should you care about it? While business firms are increasingly taking steps to consider how their actions both are affected by and impact these factors, the use of ESG has also elicited strong pushback from investors, politicians, and others.  This panel event moderated by Dr. Michael Mann will bring together panelists with expertise in ESG from Wharton and industry to explore the ins and outs of ESG, why it has become so important, as well as to explain the controversies. Panelists will include Vit Henisz, Vice Dean and Faculty Director, ESG Initiative and Deloitte & Touche Professor of Management, Sarah Light, Faculty Co-Director of the Wharton Climate Center and Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, Claudine Gartenberg, Assistant Professor of Management, and Lolita Jackson MBE, executive director of sustainable cities at Sustainable Development Capital LLP. Penn Center for Science, Sustainability and the Media (PCSSM) is cohosted this event with Kleinman Center for Energy Policy (KCEP) and the Wharton Climate Center as a part of the Kleinman Center’s Energy Week (running from 3/20-3/24). This was a panel discussion with Dr. Sarah E. Light, Dr. Witold Henisz, Dr. Claudine Gartenberg, and Lolita Jackson MBE with moderation by Dr. Michael Mann. Photo credit: Heather Kostick.

Breaking Down “The Scheme” with Author Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

A selection of photos from the Penn Center for Science, Sustainability, and the Media (PCSSM) event on December 9, 2022. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is known for his progressive politics and a vocal champion for climate change policy in government. He has been known to reach across the aisle to work with folks like James Inhofe on grants for small manufacturers on workforce training; or Roger Wicker on legislation that clamps down on laundering money through U.S. financial system. Following his book Captured on corporate capture of regulatory and government agencies, and his years of experience as a prosecutor, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse here turns his attention to the right-wing scheme to capture the courts, and how it influenced the Trump administration’s appointment of over 230 “business-friendly” judges, including the last three justices of the United States Supreme Court. This was a panel discussion on dark money in politics with Sen. Whitehouse, Dr. Michael Mann, and Dr. Joseph Francisco with moderation by Dr. Kathleen D. Morrison. Photo credit: Heather Kostick.

Rising to the Global Climate Challenge: Australia’s Leadership

A selection of photos from the Penn Center for Science, Sustainability, and the Media (PCSSM) inaugural event on September 13, 2022, part of Perry World House’s 2022 Global Order Colloquium, “A Fracturing World: The Future of Globalization” hosted by Perry World House. University of Pennsylvania President M. Elizabeth Magill provided introductory remarks for the program, and this keynote conversation with Dr. Michael Mann and PM Malcolm Turnbull was moderated by Dr. Kathleen Hall Jamieson. Photo credit: Eddy Marenco.

Michael E. Mann Honored With Stroud Award for Freshwater Excellence

A selection of photos from the Stroud Water Research Center’s 20th Annual The Water’s Edge gala at the Delaware Museum of Nature & Science. Stroud Water Research Center has bestowed the 2022 Stroud Award for Freshwater Excellence upon Dr. Michael Mann. Approximately 200 guests attended the gala, where Mann presented on his research on climate variability and extremes, including 1,000 years of temperature data that produced the hockey stick graph, so named because of its pronounced upward curve. The data, which combined decades of work by paleoclimate scientists, served as a smoking gun in the case proving human-induced climate change. Since its inception in 2003, The Water’s Edge has featured noteworthy contributors to the world of science, fresh water, and conservation. Previous speakers and Stroud Award for Freshwater Excellence recipients have included luminaries such as Jane Goodall; Olivia Newton-John and John Easterling; American Rivers and its president, Bob Irvin; His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco; The Redford Center; Alexandra Cousteau; Melissa D. Ho of World Wildlife Fund; and others. Photo credit: Stroud Water Research Center.