The Social and Behavioral Science Initiative


Coren Apicella

Associate Professor of Psychology

Interests: Hunter-gatherers, cross-cultural psychology,
evolution of social behaviors – cooperation,
competition and mate choice.
Personal Website

Geoffrey Goodwin

Associate Professor of Psychology

Interests: Social cognition, moral psychology,
and reasoning.
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SBSI Postdoctoral Fellows

Kristopher Smith

SBSI Postdoctoral Fellow

Interests: Cooperation, morality, person perception,
folk psychology, evolution, and culture.
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Daniel Yudkin

SBSI Postdoctoral Fellow

Interests: Moral judgment, moral transformation, punishment,
political ideology, social comparison, and authenticity.
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Lab Coordinators

Tuti Gomoka

Lab Coordinator

Senior in the Wharton School concentrating in Behavioral Economics and Statistics. Enjoys research related to psychology, especially pertaining to individual creativity.

Kassidy Houston

Lab Coordinator

Senior in the College of Arts & Sciences majoring in Psychology with a broader interest in Cognitive Science. Currently works in psycholinguistics research.

SBSI Affiliates

The faculty listed here have agreed to be involved in the initiative but the list is open to all SAS faculty who express interest

Jonathan Baron

Professor of Psychology
Interests: Judgment and decision-making, morality and public policy.

Sudeep Bhatia

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Interests: Judgment and decision-making and computational and mathematical modeling of cognition.

Cristina Bicchieri

Harvie Professor of Social Thought and Comparative Ethics
Interests: Social norms and prosocial behavior.

Damon Centola

Associate Professor of Communication
Interests: Social networks and influence, collective problem solving, political consensus and polarization.

Emily Falk

Associate Professor of Communication
Interests: Social influence, behavior change, social neuroscience and media effects.

Daniel Hopkins

Associate Professor of Political Science
Interests: Racial and ethnic politics, local politics, political behavior and research methods.

Anna Jenkins

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Interests: Cognitive and neural mechanisms of social and economic thought and behavior. Personal Website

Joe Kable

Baird Term Associate Professor of Psychology
Interests: Psychological and neural mechanisms of choice behavior.

Matthew Levendusky

Professor of Political Science
Interests: Political polarization, political psychology, and media effects.

Annie Liang

Assistant Professor of Economics
Interests: Economic theory (in particular, learning and information), and the application of machine learning methods for theory building and evaluation.

Barb Mellers

I. George Heyman University Professor
Interests: Behavioral decision theory, emotions, fairness, preference measurement, geopolitical forecasting and public policy.

Diana Mutz

Samuel A. Stouffer Professor of Political Science and Communication
Interests: Political psychology, media and politics, public opinion, political communication.

Aurelie Ouss

Assistant Professor of Criminology
Interests: Prison experience and recidivism, behavioral and economic determinants of sentencing and “big data” and public policy.

Anna Papafragou

Professor of Linguistics
Interests: Language and social cognition, theory of mind in children and adults, pragmatics and communication across language communities

Michael Platt

James S. Riepe University Professor
Interests: Animal learning and behavior, control of action, individual differences and behavior gene.

Gareth Roberts

Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Interests: Language evolution, language change, language variation, cultural evolution, experimental semiotics, social interaction. Personal Website

Paul Rozin

Professor of Psychology
Interests: Cultural psychology, the role of food in human life, positive psychology, the meaning of “natural” and positive and negative memories.

Martin Seligman

Zellerback Family Professor of Psychology
Interests: Positive psychology, resilience, optimism, learned helplessness, creativity. Personal Website

Meredith Tamminga

Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Interests: Intersection of sociolinguistics, experimental
psycholinguistics, and theoretical linguistics

Phil Tetlock

Leonore Annenberg University Professor
Interests: De-biasing judgment and choice, designing
accountability systems and forecasting.