Lab picture before farewell party for Professor Cang (9/4/2015). Left to right: Susan Zhao (Undergraduate, Class of 2019; high school, John P. Stevens High School ), Sora Lee (Postdoc, Ph.D., University of Iowa; currently in biotech industry), Christine Park (Rotating Graduate Student, Biology program; B.S., Smith College), Kimberly Aranda (Research Specialist; B.S., Johns Hopkins University; currently in biotech industry), Dejian Ren (PI, Professor of Biology; Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo), Chunlei Cang (Research Associate, Ph.D., Fudan University; currently Professor at University of Science and Technology of China).

Lab picture, summer 2017 (7/24/2017). Left to right: Jinhong Wie (Postdoc, Ph.D., Seoul National University), Apoorva Bharthur (Research Specialist, M.S., Indiana University), Lucas Encarnacion-Rivera (visiting student, Summer Undergraduate Internship Program, Emory University), Dejian Ren (Lab PI, Professor of Biology).





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