Plenary Speakers

29th Rare Earth Research Conference Plenary Speakers

We are pleased to announce the following list of plenary speakers for the 29th RERC. We will continue to add more information about their presentations as the conference date approaches.

Aurora Clark, Washington State University: “The ‘Soul Memory of a Million Dead Stars’ – Revealing the Topology of Rare Earth Chemistry”





Jenifer Shafer, Colorado School of Mines: “From Soft Donors to Soft Matter: Understanding Factors Governing Actinide Separations”





Matthew Allen, Wayne State University: “Tuning Divalent Europium for Magnetic Resonance Imaging”





Rute Ferreira, University of Aveiro, Portugal:  “Lanthanide-Based Multifunctional Materials for Green Photonics and Internet of Things-IoT”





Joseph Cotruvo, Pennsylvania State University: “Lessons Learned from Lanmodulin in Selective Recognition and Separation of f-elements”





Nicholas Chilton, University of Manchester, UK: “Spin-Vibration Coupling in Magnetic Molecules”