Well folks, Bloomsday looms, and we have heard from our stalwart app coding partners that it doesn’t look like we’ll have Calypso as an iPad app ready for June 16th.  You will, of course, have Calypso available on the web  in time for Bloomsday.  But our slick app presentation will have to wait an additional two weeks or so.

This is a function of our trying to do too much with too little, particularly time– Apple has been grand, Bunsen Tech extremely accommodating, and Rob, Josh, Janine and Mike working around the clock.  However, we decided that all of Throwaway Horse LLC’s apps are going to have the same kind of robust discussion functionality that we recently introduced with our Waste Land “Seen” app (available now in the App Store!).  And that takes time.

We’re disappointed.  But, really, one of the pillars of this enterprise is exploring ways in which the open web interfaces with the walled garden, and, well, we’ll be experimenting with that a little more concretely this time around.  We expect to be up and in the App Store by July 1st, so look for us then.  Think of it like Little Bloomsday, Feast of the Joycean Epiphany…..

A special treat for our subscribers

Its time.

Bloomsday is coming on fast and we’re working feverishly to get everything together with a re-tooled iPad app and website. But since some of you have been waiting so long and have supported the project is so many ways, we figured it was time for taste of Mr Bloom.

Here you go: 14 pages from the upcoming “Calypso” chapter. We’ve given it to you here as a thumbnail gallery/slideshow instead of as our usual comic pages while we re-tool that portion of the site. You can click on each individual thumbnail to view its corresponding page it at full size, or use the forward and back arrow icons underneath the full size-page image to read the entire set continuously.

The pages will start running on the regular comic reader beginning May 16th, just one month ahead of BloomsDay, and will be accompanied by our regular Readers’ Guide feature (written this year by the fabulous Janine Utell). But we thought you folks deserved a little taste!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I love drawing it.



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Flower of the Mountain

Here’s an interesting bit of news for Joyce fans (particularly those of you are Kate Bush fans as well, like myself). It seems the Kate’s now able to release/re-record her original concept for “The Sensual World” using Molly’s soliloquy as well as the intended title, “Flower of the Mountain”. Look for it’s release on “Director’s Cuts” album next month. For those of you making your BloomsDay mix tapes some other Joyce-inspired works can be found through this link.


ULYSSES “SEEN” on WHYY Philadelphia’s Friday Arts Show

Last night (Fri., Nov. 5), ULYSSES “SEEN” was featured in the first segment of the November installment of WHYY’s monthly Friday Arts Program. The piece features interviews with Robert Berry and Mike Barsanti, as well as a few silent cameos from Josh. We’re quite happy with the piece, and we hope those of you in the Philadelphia area were able to tune in and see it. If you were unable to catch it or aren’t in the viewing area, you can watch it here. Enjoy!

Watch the full episode. See more Friday Arts.

Reminder: WHYY’s Friday Arts Show

Just a reminder: We will be featured on this evening (Nov. 5th)’s November installment of WHYY’s Friday Arts TV show, which, for all of you in the Philadelphia area will air at 8:30 pm. The rest of you will be able to find it on the web shortly thereafter.

We will also be at WHYY for a 5:30 premier, and we will be sharing the iPad app with the public. If you’re in the area, come on out and say hello. We’d love to meet you. For more info on that, click here.


We begin the day at 111% funding on and climbing. We are so honored and grateful to all of you who have made and are continuing to make this possible, and we are very excited at the thought of what we will be able to bring you, thanks to your votes of confidence. Read Rob’s full “Thank You” message, with thoughts on why we keep going, here: