Walsh Group Research Interests

1. Novel palladium/nickel-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions involving C-C / C-S / C-N bonds formations

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2. Development of catalysts for enantio- and diastereo- Selective C-C and C-S bond-formation.


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3. Transition-metal-free radical chemistry of azaallyls promoted by base



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4. Development of organocatalysts based on sulfenate anion and selenium species

5.Development of hetero-bimetallic lanthanide complexes for asymmetric catalysis







As synthetic chemists, we contribute to synthesize various organic compounds for further properties study by other research groups. We also take advantages of the Upenn / Merck High Throughput Experimentation Laboratory, to help perform fast and efficient reaction conditions screenings for other research groups.

More details on the collaborations can be accessed here.