Last spotted*

 Alondra Buguete Postdoc  2009-2015 Research Scientist, Tau Institute for Research on Alzheimer’s Disease, Columbia University
Edwin Chan  Postdoc 1999-2001 Associate Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
 Yanshan Fang  Postdoc 2008-2013 PI, International Research Center for Biology & Chemistry (Shanghai, China)
Beth Gordesky-Gold Postdoc 1997-2004 Research Scientist, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
 Ling-Yang Hao Postdoc 2005-2011  Research Scientist, Lycera Corp
Joonil Jung Postdoc 2001-2008  Research Scientist, Broad Institute, MIT
Jason Kennderdell Postdoc 2010-2018 Research Scientist, University of Pittsburgh
Hyung-Jun Kim Postdoc  2008-2013  Research Scientist, Korea Brain Research Institute
Kangning Liu Postdoc 2005-2008  Research Scientist, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Nan Liu Graduate student & Postdoc
 Lorena Soares  Postdoc  2006-2014 Project manager, Regional Fund for Science and Technology, Azores
 Zhenming Yu  Postdoc  2003-2011  Research Scientist, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
 John M. Warrick Postdoc  1996-2002 Associated Professor,  University of Richmond
 John E. Zimmerman Postdoc 1995-1999 Biology Lecturer and Advisor, University of Pennsylvania
 Masashi Abe PhD Biology 2008-2013 Research scientist, Astellas Pharma (Tokyo, Japan)
 Pavan Auluck MD-PhD, Neuroscience 2000-2003 Staff Neuropathologist, NIMH Human Brain Collective Core
 Julide Bilen PhD Biology  1999-2004  Postdoc Harvard University
Mimi Cushman PhD Neuroscience  2011-2013  Postdoc UCSF
Virzhiniya Feltzin PhD, Cell & Molecular Biology 2012-2018 Scientific medical writer
 Lingbo Li PhD Biology  2000-2006 Postdoc Stanford University, now Scientific medical writer
Nan Liu PhD Biology 2004-2010 PI, International Research Center for Biology and Chemistry (Shanghai, China)
 Marc Meulener MD-PhD, Cell & Molecular Biology 2001-2005 Resident physician
 Shin-Yi Shieh PhD, Biology 2006-2011
 Melanie Watson Graduate student 2000-2007 Medical writer, AlphaBioCom
Michael Fitzen Master’s student 2006 Professor, Stockholm
 Lindsey Yurcaba  Master’s student 2007-2010
Marjin Van Jaausweld  Master’s student  2007-2008 Graduate school
 Gert-Jan Hendriks Master’s student  2009-2011 Graduate school, Geneva
Melissa Geary Research specialist   2009-2011 Medical school
Michelle Min Research technician
 Mike Parisi Research specialist  2010-2018
Xiuyin Teng Research technician  2004-2013
 Ross Weber Research specialist  2010-2012 Medical school, Cornell
 Kathryn Assad Undergraduate 1995
 Rachel Bernstein  Vagelos Scholar, Undergraduate  2003-2005  Graduate school, Berkley
Decklan Cerza Undergraduate 2015-2016 Associate Consultant, Putnam Associates (Boston, MA)
Grace Kao Vagelos Scholar, Undergraduate  1995-1996
Jesi Kim Undergraduate  2013-2015
Matthew Lan Vagelos Scholar, Undergraduate  2014 Medical Student, Vanderbilt University
Yuanxiang Liu Vagelos Scholar, Undergraduate  2003-2005  Medical school
Sunil Mehta  Undergraduate  1995-1996 Graduate school
Michelle Min Vagelos Scholar, Undergraduate  2008-2010
Stacey Pusin Undergraduate 1994-1997
Ashley Sartoris Vagelos Scholar, Undergraduate  2013-2017
 Chang Su  Undergraduate 2012-2013
 Liane Toohey Vagelos Scholar, Undergraduate  2007-2009
 Van Tran Vagelos Scholar, Undergraduate  2012-2014
 Rosaline Zhang  Vagelos Scholar, Undergraduate 2010-2013 Medical Student, University of Pennsylvania
 Eric Yecies Undergraduate 1998  Patent lawyer
 Henry Zhou   Vagelos Scholar, Undergraduate  2013-2017 Medical Student, Columbia University

*If you are a former trainee and are missing or have an update, please contact Nancy (nbonini at