BIOL466: Molecular Genetics of Neurological Disease

  • Examines neurological diseases from a basic research perspective, covering initial molecular determination through current status
  • Past diseases covered include: Alzheimer’s disease, Fragile-X Syndrome, autism and motor neuron diseases
  • Students will gain an understanding of how classical genetics and modern genome sciences is used to discover the molecular basis of CNS diseases
  • Consists of lectures, detailed analysis of primary literature and in-class activities
  • Grading based on participation, exams and written work
  • For more information, see biol466_syllabus

BIOL399/499: Independent Study 

  • See here for more information
  • Obtain prior approval for me to be a co-sponsor for your work in a research lab outside of Biology
  • Complete paperwork from Biology Academic Office (102 Leidy lab), including signature of primary sponsor
  • Visit my office (204G Lynch lab) for signature OR
  • If I am not in my office, leave paperwork in my mailbox and I will sign and return to the Academic Office
  • See biol_399_499_thesis_guidelines for guidelines on the paper to write at the end of Biol 399 and 499

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