Fly links

Fly specific resources used by the Bonini lab

Annual Drosophila Research Conference: Annual fly conference hosted by the Genetics Society of America

Brain dissection: One-step brain dissection protocol for whole-mount preparation of adult fly brains

Bloomington Stock Center: Resource for D. melanogaster strains and stocks

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: Meetings and courses on Drosophila neurobiology and degenerative disease

Drosophila Genomics Resource Center: Resource for Drosophila DNA clones, vectors and cell lines

DIOPT – DRSC Integrative Ortholog Prediction Tool: Identify orthologs of fly genes/proteins

FlyBase: Comprehensive database of Drosophila genes and genomes

FlyLight: Janelia farms gal4 and split-gal4 expression pattern lines

FlyMine: Integrated database for Drosophila genomics to rapidly assess gene and proteins, with easy-to-use graphical interfaces for performing functional analyses including gene ontology and pathway enrichment

FlyPrimerBank: Resources for identifying potential PCR primers against D. melanogaster genes

InteractiveFly: A guide on fly development

MARRVEL: Database that aggregates information on rare human genetic variates  (OMIM, ExAC, ClinVar, Geno2MP, DGV, and DECIPHER) for efficient variant prioritization in model organisms like Drosophila.

NeuroNLP: a modern web-based portal for navigating fruit fly brain data using NLP (Natural Language Processing), allowing the user to use intuitive plain English queries for in-depth exploration and investigation of brain structure.

OrthoDB: A database of orthologous genes and proteins across many species, including D. melanogaster

SCope: Interactive tool to view gene expression from single cell sequencing data for D. melanogaster adult and embryonic brain

VDRC Stock Center: Resource for D. melanogaster stains and stocks

VirtualFlyBrain: Interactive resource for exploring D. melanogaster neural anatomy and imaging data