Mental Health Wellness Series #5

“De-stress During the Stressful Time – Let’s Have Tea and Desserts”

Date: 12/12/2022

Time: 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Place: Annenberg 110

Speakers: Grace (Seung In) Cho, Aleksandr Kasyanchuk, Julie Nguyen, Helen Rizaldi, Cathy Nam, Anas Ahmed.

6 NP students will teach students a few tricks, like point pressure— to help relieve headaches, promote relaxation… lightly touch on sleep issues and etc. 

More information about mental health wellness events, please contact Grace Wu @

Grace (Seung) Cho

Grace (Seung In) Cho is a recent grad of Penn’s ABSN (Accelerated Bachelors of Science of Nursing) in December 2021 and currently pursuing the MSN- PMHNP track (class of 2023). She has worked in human resources for 5+ years prior to becoming a nursing professional. Currently she works per diem as a RN working with people living with eating disorders.

Aleksandr Kasyanchuk

Aleksandr Kasyanchuk RN, BSN moved to Philadelphia from Seattle to pursue the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner track at Penn. His nursing background is in oncology, hospice, and complex pain management.


Julie Nguyen

Julie Nguyen RN, BSN is from Denver, Colorado and is currently a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner student at Penn. Her nursing background includes working with medical/surgical/cardiac patients

Helen Rizaldi

Helen Rizaldi BSN, RN, PMHN-BC is from Delaware. She is currently a PMHNP student at Penn, class of 2023. Her background includes head and neck surgery, cardiothoracic stepdown, psychiatric emergency service, drug and alcohol rehab, and inpatient psychiatry.

Cathy Nam

Cathy Nam, BSN, RN is originally from Maryland and moved to Philadelphia last year for graduate school. She worked as a high-risk labor and delivery nurse for about two years and currently works on inpatient psychiatric units.

Anas Ahmed

Anas Ahmed BSN, RN is a nurse currently working in a cardiac surgery PCU at the new pavilion. He is currently a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner student at Penn. Prior to this, he worked at an acute psychiatric hospital and a medical surgical hospital as a tech in Massachusetts.