How To Add Penn Academic Calendar to O365 Calendar

This post is deprecated. Please follow up to date instructions here:


By leveraging the Academic Calendar ICS feed that the Penn Almanac generously hosts (the page itself is here), you can add the Penn Academic Calendar to your O365 Calendar. After adding it, the Academic calendar will appear wherever you use O365 (e.g. O365 Web Calendar, Outlook desktop client, Apple Calendar.)


1. ) Copy this URL to your clipboard:


2. Open your O365 web calendar:


3. At the top of the calendar, click the link for “Add Calendar”.


4. Paste the URL from step 1 into the field “Link to the calendar”. Type in “Penn Academic Calendar” in the “Calendar name” field. Click Save.

O365 Penn Academic Calendar Subscription


5. The Penn Academic Calendar will now appear as a secondary calendar on the left sidebar.



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