Photo Album

UCHS Cultural Anthropology Photo Album

Museum Tour Photo
Students of the cultural anthropology class with TA Janel
begin their tour at the University Museum.


Excursions in Cultural Anthropology

While attending a variety of events, we gathered some pictures that we took in order to document our experiences. Our class attended a belly dancing event in a Moroccan restaurant as well as lunch in Chinatown as well as different lectures to learn about other cultures and traditions that exist in Philadelphia. Here are some of the photos that we took while exposing ourselves to other cultures.

A Taste of Morocco

Here are some of the pictures we took when we ate dinner at a Moroccan restaurant. We also encountered a belly dancer at the restaurant…


Vegetable Platter
Several students sample the vegetable platter. Learning about different food preparation and cooking methods
allowed everyone to see the different traditions and customs that was incorporated into habits such as food preparation.

Using their Hands
Nate, McGarett, Stefanie and Darnell use their hands to eat the food that they are served.
Exposure to different cultures introduced everyone to new customs, which we were usually eager to try.

Soup Bowl
A bowl of soup, quickly consumed by an eager student.
We found ourselves willing to try different foods that they would not have been able to experience.

Cleaning Up
Since the students had eaten with their hands, a waitress pours water for us to clean our hands.

The Tour Through Culture at the University Museum

Here are some pictures from our tour at the Anthropology Museum at the University of Pennsylvania. Much of the museum’s focus is on the histories of various cultures through time.
Walking In
A museum orator describes the importance of an urn in ancient Egyptian culture. Many objects and customs used in history became a precedent for some of today’s modern culture.
The Talk
Giving a small talk on the history of the cultures studied in the museum was important for learning about how history influenced culture and vice versa.

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