Americo Mendoza-Mori

Américo MendozaMori teaches Quechua and Spanish at the University of Pennsylvania, where he designed the Quechua Language Program. He received his B.A. in Literature from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, in Lima (Peru), and completed a Ph.D. in Literary, Cultural and Linguistic studies at the University of Miami, Florida. His research focuses on Andean Culture, Quechua language, and cultural policies.

Dr. Mendoza-Mori’s work has appeared in a variety of academic publications, has been presented at the United Nations, and has been featured in The New York Times, a TEDx talk, NPR, Remezcla. He has collaborated actively with academic and community-based organizations in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and the United States. | Quechua Language Program Coordinator, Faculty  (pronouns: he/him, él, pay)

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B.A., Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Perú)
Latin American Literature

Ph.D., University of Miami
Literature, Cultural and Linguistic Studies

Research and Teaching interests:

Latin American and Latinx Studies, Quechua language and culture, Cultural policies, Language planning, Indigenous cultures and migration

Scholarly Publications:

Awards and Honors:

  • 2020 Learning and Teaching priorities grant by National Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations
  • 2019 Sachs Foundation grant for Arts innovation.
  • 2019 Fulbright FLTA Hosting institution for Penn’s Quechua program.
  • 2017 – SAS Teaching Innovation Grant, University of Pennsylvania
  • 2017-18 Latin American and Latino Studies External Speaker Series grant, University of Pennsylvania
  • 2015 – SAS Teaching Innovation Grant, University of Pennsylvania
  • 2013 – Research Fellow, University of Miami Center for Latin American Studies
  • 2009 – University of Miami Presidential Fellowship


English, Portuguese, Quechua, Spanish

Media Interviews and Citations:



Press Conference: Celebrating the 9th anniversary of the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Speakers (left to right): Reaghan Tarbell, documentary film maker and director Américo Mendoza-Mori; Professor at University of Pennsylvania and founder of Quechua language program Chandra-Roy Henriksen, Chief of the Secretariat of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues


Courses taught at Penn

QUEC 110 –  Beginning Quechua and Andean Culture I

QUEC 120 – Beginning Quechua II

QUEC 130 – Intermediate Quechua I

QUEC 140 – Intermediate Quechua II


SPA 110 – Beginning Spanish I
SPA 120 – Beginning Spanish II
SPA 121 – Accelerated Beginning Spanish
SPA 130 – Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 140 – Intermediate Spanish II