Brooklyn Films

Production Assistant Intern

Jon Avnet, an alumnus of Penn, is hosting this internship at his production company, Brooklyn Films, in Los Angeles. He has produced, directed and written dozens of films and television series. Among these: Black Swan, Red Corner, Risky Business, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Up Close & Personal, The Three Musketeers, Boomtown (TV), Uprising, Fried Green Tomatoes, and The Starter Wife. He directed and co-wrote Uprising, about the Warsaw Ghetto revolt, and has become an expert on Jewish resistance during the Holocaust. Brooklyn Films also produce the popular 60 Second Docs series and WIGS on YouTube.

What to expect

Anything! If the production company is shooting a film during the summer, the intern might likely be on location. Back in Los Angeles, there are a hundred things to do to be supportive of Mr. Avnet’s activities. Candidates for this internship will need to be flexible and prepared for anything. Applicants should have a long look at his IMDb entry.