David Stern and Stuart Gibbs, Writers

What to expect

It has never been easy to break into show business, especially as a writer. Now, you have the chance to work for two professional writers who can help you learn how the business works. Be aware that this is a very unstructured internship; David and Stuart will often not know what they are going to need from you until they need it. However, as web presence is becoming a bigger and bigger part of writing these days, they are actively looking for someone with knowledge of how to create and edit websites as well as generating other ideas for internet promotion. This is not an office job. They are looking for competent, creative individuals who know how to manage their time well. If you are the type of person who needs a rigid schedule, this is not the internship for you.

Previous interns have gone on to work in TV, theater and publishing, all through connections they have made at this internship and recommendations they have received from David and Stuart. The interns that have been most successful have been willing to ask for advice and work on their own projects when not occupied by internship related tasks.

Because these writers’ schedules are always in flux they can not predict exactly what they will be working on next summer, but the following are things an intern can expect to work on:

  • Help with web presence, social media and other promotion. Knowledge of how to design websites (or use a web design system such as WordPress) will be a huge plus for next summer’s intern.
  • Help with writing duties including reading drafts, offering ideas and brainstorming with the writers.

Research, research, research! (and proofreading!)

  • Work on social media projects, including developing social media presence and updating websites. (Knowledge of WordPress is a plus.)
  • Provide “coverage” (summary and opinion) for scripts. This will give the intern the opportunity to read many current scripts on the market and gain a better understanding of what it takes to sell a project.
  • As in any internship, there will be office work and running-of errands. For this reason, it is necessary for the selected intern to have a car in Los Angeles for the summer. The right person for this internship will be eager to do all tasks, and and will look for opportunities to take on more than what is “required” of them.
  • With the successful completion of the more mundane activities connected with any job, there will also be some access to meetings that will give the intern a look at how things are done in the movie business. This will give the intern insight into how these writers careers work and a chance to meet some agents and other important people.

Anyone selected for this internship will be required to complete a writing project of their choice over the summer: a screenplay, TV script, novel or play. (If you’ve already begun work on something like this, great! Here’s your chance to finish it.) David and Stuart will offer advice and guidance through the process.

Finally, the selected intern will be expected to sign an NDA in order to do the internship and have access to their own car.


Projects that the writers will (probably) be working on this summer:
  • Stuart is currently at work on four separate book series and several graphic novels, for which he will need a great deal of help with research, editing and proofreading.

  • Stuart is also working on the Spy School Entrance Exam, an innovative new puzzle book he has designed with puzzle creator Jeff Chen.

  • He is currently in discussions with several companies about adapting Spy School for film or TV, and the Charlie Thorne movie is in development

  • Stuart could also use a great deal of help with staying in touch with his fan base, which involves use of social media and updating his website. Knowledge of WordPress is crucial.
  • David will be working on several animated and live action projects that may or may not be in production.
  • He will also be developing new ideas to pitch (both TV and Film).
  • He will also be working on a new musical.



Stuart Gibbs is a New York Times bestselling novelist who writes for middle grade readers. His books include the FunJungle series, the Spy School series, the Moon Base Alpha series, the Last Musketeer trilogy and the new Charlie Thorne series. He has written scripts for every studio in Hollywood, including the movies See Spot Run and Repli-Kate, and he has developed television shows for Fox, ABC, the WB, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon.

Tony Award winner David I. Stern began his career working on the Broadway productions of Miss SaigonNick & Nora, and Big. He was soon infected with the desire to put pen to paper and wrote the plays Dreams & Stuff and Finders of Lost Luggage. After a small detour into directing with the New York revival of Starting Here, Starting Now (nominated for a MAC Award) and a stint with The American Project at Circle in the Square, he transitioned into radio by writing for NPR’s The 1990’s Radio Hour and a Half.

Following the particularly cold winter of 1996, David migrated west to write numerous movies including: Geppetto (nominated for four Emmy Awards), Open Season 2 (nominated for an Annie Award), Open Season 3 (which he also executive produced), Free Birds (which he also executive produced), Henry & Me (nominated for an Annie Award). David is a regular on the punch-up/re-write circuit and has contributed to many motion pictures including: First Daughter, The Smurfs, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Tinkerbell 3, Open Season, and The Hotel Transylvania. In addition, he produced the documentaries Roadmap Genesis and Roadmap Jerusalemnow available on DVD, Amazon Streaming, and other platforms.

For the stage, David wrote the musicals Snapshots and My Son Pinocchio with longtime collaborator and renowned songwriter Stephen Schwartz. He has helped finance several Broadway shows including WickedNext to NormalThe Pee Wee Herman Show, and If/Thenand is currently co-producing the powerful, original musical Dear Evan Hansen (winner of six Tony Awards including Best Musical, winner Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding New Musical, winner Drama League Award for Outstanding Production of a Musical).

For television, David wrote and produced on the series Mozart in the Jungle (winner of the Golden Globe Award for Best Comedy Series).