Below is a listing of former group members, sorted alphabetically by family name. If your information is incorrect, or you are missing from the list, please contact us so we can make things right!

  1. Prof. Cheol-Hee Ahn
    Associate Professor, Research Institute of Advanced Materials, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul 151-742, Korea
    email:  chahaman [at]
  2. Prof. Dr. Athina Anastasaki
    Assistant Professor, Department of Materials, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
  3. S. K. Andersson
  4. Dr. Aikaterini K. Andreopoulou
    Advanced Polymers & Hybrid Nanomaterials Research Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras, GR-26504, Patras, Greece
    email:  kandreop [at]
    tel:  +30 2610 997116
    fax:  +30 2610 997122
  5. Dr. Katherine Antolin
  6. Dr. Andreea Argintaru
    Research Investigator II – Oncology, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
  7. Dr. Emad Aqad
    Scientist, Dow Chemical Company, 455 Forest Street, Marlborough, MA 01752
    email:  EAqad [at]
    tel:  +1 508 229 7229
    Emad Aqad, was recently named as the 2016 recipient of Dow Electronic Materials’ Career Impact Excellence in Science Award.
  8. Dr. Keiichi Asami
    Unitika Ltd., Research and Development Center, 23, Kozakura, Uji-Shi, Kyoto 611, Japan
    tel: +81 774 25 2209
    fax:  +81 774 25 2350
  9. Prof. Alexandru D. Asandei
    Associate Professor, Polymer Program & Department of Chemistry, University of Connecticut, 97 North Eagleville Road, Unit 3136, Storrs, CT 06269
    email:  asandei [at]
    tel:  +1 860 486 9062
    fax:  +1 860 486 4575
  10. Dr. Firouz Asgarzadeh
    Director of Technical Services, Evonik Degussa Corporation, 2 Turner Place, Piscataway, NJ 08855
  11. Dr. Brian C. Auman
    DuPont Photopolymer & Electronic Materials, PO Box 80334, Experimental Station, Bldg. 334/110, Wilmington, DE 19880-0334
    tel:  +1 302 695 7983
  12. Prof. Jin Bae
    Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Sung Kyun Kwan University, 300 Chunchun-dong, Jangan-gu, Suwon, Kyunggi-do 440-746, Korea
    email:  jinbae [at]
    tel:  +82 331 290 7287
    fax: +82 331 292 8790
  13. Dr. Venkat S. K. Balagurusamy
    Electronic DNA Sequencing and Nanotechnology, Biosensing and Biocomputing, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY
    email:  vkbalagu [at]
    tel:  +1 914 945 2639
  14. Raka Banerji
  15. Dr. Bogdan A. Barboiu
    Senior Scientist, Infineum USA, 1900 E. Linden Avenue, Bldg. LBTC 1, Rm. 310, Linden, NJ 07036
    email: bogdan.barboiu [at]
    tel: +1 908 474 3582
    fax: +1 980 474 3363
  16. Dr. Tushar-Kanti Bera
    Manager, Diesel Products Delivery (Innovation Research), Shell Oil Company, Houston, TX
  17. Dr. Gerd Bergmann
  18. Professor Annabelle Bertin
    Free University Berlin, Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Takustrasse 3, 14195, Berlin, Germany
    and Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing – Department 6.0, Research group “PolyNanotechBiomed”, Unter den Eichen 87, 12205 Berlin, Germany
  19. Eric Bishop
  20. Dr. Philippe Bissel
    Research Assistant, Veterinary Medicine Experimental Station (0212), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA 24061
    email:  pbissel [at]
    tel:  +1 540 231 4835
  21. Prof. Helen E. Blackwell
    Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry (Room 5211a), University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1101 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706-1396
    email:  blackwell [at]
    tel:  +1 608 262 1503
    fax:  +1 608 265 4534
  22. Dr. Mark J. Boerakker
    Staff Scientist Biomodal HDPE, SABIC, Geleen, Netherlands
  23. Dr. Michael Bolsinger
  24. Dr. Chaabane Bougherara
    R&D Principal Scientist, Coloplast A/S, Holtedam 3, 3050 Humlebaek, Denmark
    email:  dkcbg [at]
    tel:  +45 49 11 16 22
  25. Dr. Carl Brunius
    Postdoctoral Researcher, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden
    email:  carl.brunius [at]
  26. Prof. Wlodzimierz Buchowicz
    Assistant Professor, Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology, Koszykowa 75, 00-662 Warszsawa, Poland
    email:  wbuch [at]
    tel:  +48 22 234 5150
  27. Edwardo Campillos
  28. Jean Cantlay
    Shell Development Company, PO Box 1380, Houston, TX 77251-1380
  29. Alberto Cappotto
  30. Guo-Ping Chang-Chien
  31. Prof. Chang G. Cho
  32. Dr. Wook-Dong Cho
    VP Business Development, LS Industrial Systems, Seoul, Korea
  33. Dr. Seongwoo Choi
  34. W. D. Choi
  35. Dr. Peihwei Chu
  36. Dr. Robert Clough
    Senior Research Specialist, 3M Corporate Research Center, Technology Development, Building #201-3N-05, St. Paul, MN 55144-1000
    email:  rsclough [at]
    tel:  +1 612 737 1898
  37. Prof. Jorge Fernando Jordão Coelho
    Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Coimbra, Rua Silvio Lima, Pólo II, 3030-790 Coimbra, Portugal
    email:  jcoelho [at]
    tel:  +351 237 798 700
    fax:  +351 239 798 703
  38. Dr. Edwin Cramer
    Chemical Sourcing Manager, BASF, Essen, Germany
  39. Derek Crawford
    Director of Market Development, FBC Chemical Corporation
  40. Dr. Binod B. De
  41. Dr. Anne de Cuendias
  42. Guilio di Egidio
  43. Dr. Andrés E. Dulcey
    Research Scientist, Division of Pre-Clinical Innovation, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health, 31 Center Drive, Rm. 2A29, Bethesda, MD 20892
    email:  dulceyan [at]
  44. Prof. Ulrica Edlund
    Professor, Department of Polymer Technology, School of Chemical Science and Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Teknikringen 56–58, S-10044 Stockholm, Sweden
    email:  edlund [at]
    tel:  +46 8 790 76 34
  45. Dr. Ulrich Epple
    Resin Lead, Worlée-Chemie GmBH, Sollerstrasse 12–16, D-21481 Lauenberg, Germany
    email: uepple [at]
    tel: +49 4153 596 4710
  46. Dr. Cecilia Ericsson
  47. Dr. Paul C. Ewbank
  48. Dr. Frederik Falkenberg
  49. Jorge Fanjul
  50. Prof. Anna Finne Wistrand
    Associate Professor, Department of Polymer Technology, School of Chemical Science and Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Teknikringen 56–58, S-10044 Stockholm, Sweden
    email: annaf [at]
    tel: +46 8 790 89 24
  51. Dr. Sven Fleischmann
    Global Product Management, Catamold, BASF SE, G-CME/MM – K&H, 67056 Ludwigshafen, Germany
    email: sven.fleischmann [at]
    tel: +49 621 60-98238
    fax: +49 621 60-98059
  52. Qiongying Fu
  53. Professor Syeda Shaista Gillani
    Assistant Professor, Lahore Garrison University, Department of Chemistry, Lahore, Pakistan
    email: shaistaaligillani [at]
  54. Dr. Martin Glodde
    Researcher, Advanced Lithography Research, IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center, 1101 Kitchawan Road, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
    email: mglodde [at]
    tel: +1 914 945 2038
    fax: +1 914 945 2141
  55. Dr. Geoffrey M. Golding
    Senior Research Chemist, Environmental and Safety Manager, Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, 3711 Market Street, 7th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19104
  56. Prof. Ailton S. Gomes
    Professor Emeritus, Institute of Macromolecules, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, CEP 21941-970 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    email: asgomes [at]
  57. Dr. Cristian Grigoras
    Senior Scientist, Benjamin Moore & Co., Research & Development Center, Flanders, NJ
  58. Dr. Mircea Grigoras
    Director, Laboratory of Electroactive Polymers and Plasmochemistry, “Petru Poni” Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Aleea Grigore Ghica-Voda, nr. 41A, 700487 Iasi, Romania
  59. Prof. Jürgen Groll
    Chair, Functional Materials in Medicine and Dentistry, University of Würzburg, Pleicherwall 2, D-97070 Würzburg, Germany
    email: office [at]
    tel: +49 931 201 73610
  60. Ritwik Grover
  61. Prof. Robert B. (Barney) Grubbs
    Professor, Department of Chemistry, Stony Brook University and Scientist, Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Laboratory
    email: robert.grubbs [at]
    tel: +1 631 632 7911
  62. Dr. Tamaz Guliashvili
    R&D Consultant Scientist, CytoSorbents
  63. Dr. Bruce Hahn
    Senior R&D Associate, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., PO Box 3531, Akron, OH 44309-3531
    email: bruce.hahn [at]
    tel: +1 216 796 2612
  64. Christian Hahn
  65. Takanori Hatano
  66. Dr. James A. Heck
  67. Dr. Dale Hill
  68. Luis Hinojosa-Falcon
  69. DJ Hoffman
    Graduate Student, Fayer Group, Department of Chemistry, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
    email: djhoff [at]
  70. Dr. Marian Nicusor (Nick) Holerca
    Associate Director, Colgate-Palmolive Company, 909 River Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854
    email: nick_holerca [at]
    tel: +1 732 878 6232
    fax: +1 732 878 7588
  71. Dr. Jens Hopken
    Novartis Crop Protection, Basel, Switzerland
  72. Brian Howells
  73. Prof. Chain-Shu Hsu
    Senior Vice President, and Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, National Chiao Tung University (Vice President Hsu’s Office), 1001 University Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan
    email: cshsu [at]
    tel: +886 3 513 1523
    fax: +886 3 513 1523
  74. Chenghong Huang
  75. Jiahhua Huang
  76. Dr. Andrew D. Hughes
    Associate Research Scientist, Dow Chemical Company
    email: hughes3 [at]
  77. Prof. Marc A. Ilies
    Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Temple University, 3307 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140
    email: marc.ilies [at]
    tel: +1 215 707 1749
  78. Dr. Monica Ilies
    Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Chemistry (Disque Hall 224), Drexel University, 32 S. 32nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
    email: monica.ilies [at]
    tel: +1 215 898 2642
  79. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Raziq Al Imam
    Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, KFUPM Box. 1550, Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia
    email: mrimam [at]
    tel: +9 663 860 7349
    fax: +9 663 860 4227
  80. Dr. Hiroo Inata
  81. Yaritza Inostroza
    email: yaritzainostroza [at]
  82. Dr. Gayatry Jacob-Mosier
  83. Dr. Mustafah Jamaludin
    Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), 31, Loron ‘D’ Satu, Kampong, Pandam Muala Lam, Malaysia
    email: mustafah [at]
  84. Dr. Xuan Jiang
    Research Specialist, Materials Laboratory, 3M Research Lab, Maplewood, Minnesota
    email: xjiang5 [at]
  85. W. Jishan
  86. Dr. Davit Jishkariani
    Post-Doctoral Researcher, Murray Group, University of Pennsylvania
    email: davitj[at]
  87. Dr. Gary A. Johansson
    Regional Technology Manager, DuPont Central Research & Development, Experimental Station, P.O. Box 80328, Wilmington, DE 19880-0328
    tel: 302-695-9324
    fax: 302-695-9799
    email: gary.a.johansson [at]
  88. Dr. E. Haakan Jonsson
    Managing Director Covestro GmbH, Leverkusen, Germany
  89. Prof. Dr. Andrea M. Kasko
    Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering/Biomedical Engineering, 420 Westwood Plaza, University of California, BOX 951600, 7523 Boelter Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1600
    tel: 310-794-6341
    fax: 310-794-5856
    email: akasko [at]
  90. Dr. Mark S. Kaucher
  91. Dr. Masaya Kawasumi
    Manager, Toyota Central R&D Labs, Inc., Nagakute, Aichi, 480-1192,Japan
    tel: 81-561-63-4824
    fax: 81-561-63-6136
    email: e0744 [at]
  92. Eugene Kim
    Case Western Reserve University, Department of Macromolecular Science, 2100 Adelbert Road, Cleveland OH, 44106-7202
  93. Dr. Hyoung-Juhn Kim
    Case Western Reserve University, Department of Macromolecular Science, 2100 Adelbert Road, Cleveland OH, 44106-7202
    tel: 216-751-1932
    email: hxk19 [at]
  94. Dr. Thomas Knauf
  95. Prof. Dr. Junji Kobayashi
  96. Dr. Oleg Kulikov
    Postdoctoral Researcher, Swager Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
    tel: 617-258-6537
    email: olegkulikov.chemi [at]
  97. Dr. Jay F. Künzler
    President at Künzler Biomedical LLC, Canandaigua, NY
    tel: 585.967.0545
    email: jaykunzler [at]
    and Research Fellow at Dentsply Sirona, York, Pennsylvania
    tel: 717-849-4247
    email: Jay.Kunzler [at]
  98. Dr. Janine S. Ladislaw
    Associate and Registered Patent Attorney, Foley Hoag LLP, Seaport Word Trade Center West, 155 Seaport Boulevard, Boston, Massachusetts 02210-2600
    tel: 617-832-1790
    email: jladislaw [at]
  99. Kim V. Le
  100. Grace Lee
  101. Professor Dr. Myong-Soo Lee
    State Key Laboratory of Supramolecular Structure and Materials, College of Chemistry
    Jilin University, Changchun 130012, China
    email: mslee [at]
  102. Dr. Janis Lejnieks
  103. Lance Lemon
  104. Dr. Taegweon Lee
  105. Professor Pawaret Leowanawat
    Department of Chemistry and Center of Excellence for Innovation in Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Rama 6 Road, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
    tel: +66 2201-5146
    fax: +66 2354-7151
  106. Brian Lilley
  107. Professor Dr. Gerard Lligadas
    Serra Húnter Associate Professor, Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Department, Rovira i Virgili University, Laboratory of Sustainable Polymers, Tarragona, Spain
    email: gerard.lligadas [at]
    Tel.: +34 97755 8286
  108. Dr. Beatrice Lin
  109. Linda Lipski
  110. Dr. Gilda Lizarraga
  111. Dr. James N. Lowe
  112. Thomas Measey
  113. Professor Dr. Yoshiko Miura
    Kyushu University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, 744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka, 819-0395
    tel: +81-92-802-2769
    fax: +81-92-802-2769
    email: miuray [at]
  114. Professor Dr. Costel Moldoveanu
    Associate Professor A.I. Cuza University, Department of Chemistry, Iasi, Romania
    tel: +40 232 201278
    email: moldcos [at]
  115. Professor Dr. Michael Monteiro
    Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, University of Queensland, Brisbane QLD 4072, Australia
    tel: +61 7 334 64164
    email: m.monteiro [at]
  116. Dr. Kentaro Morimitsu
    Research Scientist at Xerox Research Centre of Canada
    2660 Speakman Drive Mississauga, ON L5K 2L1, Canada
    tel: 905-823-7091 ext.556
    email: kentaro.morimitsu [at]
  117. Dr. John J. Morrison
    Organic Materials Innovation Center, School of Chemistry, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK
    tel: +44 161 275 1422
    fax: +44 161 275 4273
    email: john.morrison [at]
  118. Dr. Patrick Mosier
    Technology Manager for Intellectual Property at The Lubrizol Corporation, Bay Village, Ohio
  119. Dr. Ralph-Olivier Moussodia
  120. Dr. Klaus Muhlbach
    BASF, Germany
  121. Dr. Hildeberto Nava
    Senior Technical Manager at Reichhold, Inc, North Carolina
  122. Dr. Andreas Neumann
    Department Manager Business Innovation & Technology at HMC Polymers Company Limited, Bangkok, Thailand
  123. Dr. Nga Nguyen
    Technologist, Infineum, Linden, New Jersey
  124. Dr. Paul Nombel
  125. Dr. Sami Nummelin
    Senior Researcher, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
  126. Prof. Dr. Makoto Obata
    Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering, University of Yamanashi, 4-4-37 Takeda, Kofu 400-8510, Japan.
    email: mobata [at]
  127. Hiroji Oda
    Chemical Laboratory Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 2767-11 Niihama, Okayama 711, Japan
    tel: 086-458-62-3323
    fax: 086-4583335
    email: a8512396 [at]
  128. Prof. Dr. Yoshiyuki Oishi
    Applied Molecular Chemistry Department of Engineering, Iwate University, 4-3-5 Ueda Morioka, Iwate 020, Japan
    tel: 81-196-23-5172 (ext. 2373)
    fax: 81-196-52-7144
  129. Dr. Shigeru Okita
    Toray Industries Co. LTD, Plastics Research Laboratories, 9-1 Oe-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya 455-8502 Japan
    tel: 81-52-613-5136
    fax: 81-52-613-5168
    email: Shigeru_Okita [at]
  130. Dr. Winston Ong
  131. Dr. Young W. Park
  132. Nick Pesa
    Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine, Cleveland OH, 44106-7202
    tel: 330-562-2086
    email: nicholas.pesa [at]
  133. Dr. Mihai Peterca
    Senior Development Editor, John Wiley and Sons, Hoboken, NJ
  134. Prof. Dr. Anatoliy V. Popov
    Department of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania Health System
    tel: 215-746-8761
    email: avpopov [at]
  135. Professor Dr. Coleen Pugh
    Department of Polymer Science and Chair, College of Polymer Science & Polymer Engineering, University of Akron, Goodyear Polymer Center, Room 920, Akron, Ohio 44325-3909
    tel: 330-972-6614
    fax: 330-972-5290
    email: cpugh [at]
  136. Dr. Marufur Rahim
  137. Ernesto Ramirez-Castillo
  138. Katsuhiko Rindo
    Kao Corporation, Wakayama Research Labs, 1334 Minato, Wakayama, 640 Japan
    tel: 81-734-26-8530
    fax: 81-734-26-8658
    email: 134376 [at]
  139. Dr. Cecile Roche
  140. Dr. Randy B. Rodenhouse
  141. Professor Cesar Rodriguez-Emmenegger
    Group Leader / ICREA Research Professor, Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia
    tel: +34 934021703
    email: crodriguez [at]
  142. Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Parada
    Principal Investigator and Technical Team Leader, DuPont Central Research and Development, Wilmington,
    DE 19898-0328
    tel: 302-695-4970
    fax: 302-695-9799
  143. Professor Dr. Juan C. Ronda
    Grup de Polymers, Departament de Química Analítica i Química Orgànica, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Plaça Imperial Tarraco 1, 43005 Tarragona, Spain
    tel: 34-77-558045
    fax: 34-77-559563
    email: joancarles.ronda [at], ronda [at]
  144. Dr. Brad M. Rosen
    Regional Finance Manager, ARKEMA, King of Prussia, PA
  145. Professor Dr. Jonathan G. Rudick
    Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11713
    tel: 631-371-2719
    email: jon.rudick[at]
  146. Arvind Sabesan
  147. Ritika Samant
  148. Dr. Shampa R. Samanta
    Scientist, BASF, 26701 Telegraph Road, Southfield, MI-48033
    email: shampa.samanta [at]
  149. Yasuyuki Sanai
  150. Dr. Howard G. Schild
    Technical Director, Axel Plastics, Box 7708554, Woodside, NY 11377
    tel: 617-577-3969
    fax: 718-565-7447
    email: hgschild [at]
  151. Dr. Douglas C. Schlueter
  152. Dr. Timothy D. Shaffer
    Senior Scientific Advisor, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering LA144, 1545 Route 22, Annandale, NJ 08801
    tel: 908-730-2967
    fax: 908-730-2536
    email: T.D.Shaffer [at]
  153. Milan B. Shah
  154. Dr. Kun Si
    Research Scientist at AtotechRock Hill, South Carolina
  155. Dr. Monika J. Sienkowska
    Staff Chemist, Axalta Coating Systems, Suite 3600, 2001 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 USA
  156. Doina Siretchi
  157. Dr. Peter-Jan Slangen
    Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, MSD, Aspen Oss B.V., Tilburg, Netherlands
  158. Dr. Marcel van der Sluis
    Owner, Science Unlocked, Groningen, Netherlands
  159. Dr. Jan Smidrkal
    Head of Project Management, Lonza Biotec, Kourim, Czech Republic
  160. Jason Smith
  161. Dr. Kimberly Smith
  162. Hannah Staley
  163. Sasha Staley
  164. Anna Stjerndahl
    Royal Institute of Technology, Fibre and Polymer Technology, Teknikringen 56-58, 100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
    email: astj [at]
  165. Dr. Hao-Jan Sun
    Project Manager, Far Eastern Group R&D Center, No. 2 Far Eastern Rd., Nei-Li,, Chung-Li, Taiwan, R.O.C.
    email: hjsun [at]
    tel: +886-3-455-5136 #888
    fax: +886-3-455-2134
  166. Frantisek Surman
    Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry AS CR, v.v.i., Heyrovského nám. 2, CZ-162 06 Praha 6, Czech Republic
    email: surma [at]
  167. Dr. Adam Sussman
    Associate Patent Attorney, Amin Talati & Upadhye LLC, Chicago, Illinois
  168. Dr. Cecilia Tarnstrom
    Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Polymer Technology, S-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
  169. Dr. Bernd Tartsch
    Viscotek GmbH, Carl-Zeiss-Str. 11, 68753 Waghasul-Kirrlach
    tel: +49.7254.959195
    fax: +49.7254.959196
    email:b.tartsch [at]
  170. Jeanne M. Thingerthal
    3M Corporate Research Center
    Technology Development, 3M Center
    St. Paul, MN 55144-1000
  171. Dr. Dimitris Tomazos
  172. Professor Dr. Ralf Torgrip
    Stockholm University
    Department of Analytical Chemistry
    email: ralf.torgrip [at]
  173. Dr. Mikael Trollsas
    Senior Director R&D, CapsoVision Inc., Saratoga, CA
  174. Professor Dr. Yusuke Tsuda
    Department of Biochemistry & Applied Chemistry, Kurume National College of Technology, 1232 Komorino-machi, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka, 830 Japan
    tel: 81-942-35-9408
    fax: 81-942-35-9408
  175. Peter Turkaly
  176. Professor Dr. Satoshi Uchida
    Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Engineering and Science, Department of Organic and Polymeric Materials, 2-12-1-H-133 Ookayama, Meguro-ku Tokyo 152-8552, Japan
    tel: +81 3-5734-3550
    fax: +81 3-5734-2888
    email: suchida [at]
  177. Dr. Petr Valenta
    Senior Research Chemist, Milliken and Company, Greer, South Carolina
  178. Professor Dr. Suresh Valiyaveetti
    National University of Singapore, Chemistry Department, Office: S5-05-02, 3 Science Drive, Singapore 117543
    tel. (65) 6516 4327
    fax. (65) 6779 1691
    email: chmsv [at]
  179. Robert D Villwock
  180. Chu-San Wang
  181. Dr. James Wang
    Sinopec Corporate Fellow & Chief Expert, Sinopec Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology, Shanghai City, China
  182. Yiefeng Wang
  183. Professor Dr. Oliver Weichold
    Institute of Building Materials Research, Faculty of Civil Engineering, RWTH Aachen, University Building: 1240, Room: 268, Schinkelstr. 3, 52062 Aachen, Germany
    tel: +49 241 80 95114
    fax: +49 241 80 92139
    email: weichold [at]
  184. Dr. Catherine Weichold
    Senior Product Development Manager, BASF, Düsseldorf, Germany
    tel: +49-211-7940-2422
    fax: +49-211-798-12422
    email: cm.weichold [at]
  185. Dr. Robert Weiss
    BASF Aktiengesellschaft, G-KTI/LC – F 601, 67056 Ludwigshafen, Germany
    Tel: 49-621 60-95893
    Fax: 49-621 60-6695893
    E-mail: robert.weiss [at]
  186. Dr. Wha-Tzong Whang
  187. Dr. R. A. Willingham
  188. Dr. Christopher J. Wilson
    CEO and Founder, NovioTech BV, Industrieterrein Winkelsteeg, Transistorweg 5, 6534 AT, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    tel: +31(0)24 71 14 015
    fax: +31(0)6 83 843 476
    email: c.wilson [at]
  189. Professor Dr. Daniela A. Wilson
    Professor and Chair, Department of Systems Chemistry, Institute for Molecules and Materials, Radbound University, Heyendaalseweg 135 6525 AJ Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    Office: 03.020 Phone: +31 (0)24 36 52185
    Lab: 03.810 Phone: +31 (0)24 36 52551/2
    email: d.wilson [at]
  190. Dr. Heinrich Winter
  191. Dr. Betty C. Won
    Colgate-Palmolive Co., 909 River Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854
    email: betty.won [at]
  192. Dr. Raymond Yourd
    Business Development Manager, Daedalus, Pittsburgh, PA
  193. Dr. Lisha Yu
    Technical Leader, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, 2100 Winchester Road, P.O. Box 999, Neenah, WI 54957-0999
    tel: 920-721-6041
    fax: 920-721-7395
  194. Dr. Michael Yurchenko
    Development Scientist, Hexcel Corporation, Decatur, Alabama
  195. Dr. A. Q. Zhang
  196. Dr. Na Zhang
    Research Scientist, Cabot Microelectronics, Aurora, IL
    email: zhangnaz [at]
  197. Professor Shaodong Zhang
    Associate Professor, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 800 Dongchaun Rd, Minhang District, Shanghai 200240, China
    Group website:
    Email: sdzhang [at]
  198. Dr. Mingyang Zhao
    Dart Container Co., 2148 Depot St., Holt, MI 48842
  199. Dr. John Qiang Zheng
    Scientist, Imprint Energy, Alameda, CA
    tel: 650 208 8699
    email: zheng12 [at]
  200. Dr. Gabriela Zipp
    IVOCLAR AG, FL-9494 Schaan, Lichtenstein
  201. Xuhao Zhou
    Graduate Student, Gianneschi Group, Northwestern University, IL
  202. Professor Dr. Mohammad Zuber
    Dean, Faculty of Science & Technology and Chairperson, Department of Applied Chemistry & Biochemistry,
    Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan
    tel: 041-9201206, Ext: 181

Angely Berrios Camacho
Rishab Bhandari
Matthew Bunner
Louise da Silva
Henrique Ferreira
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Nicholas Gutsche
Sravan Kanuparthi
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Christopher D. Nusbaum
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