Penn students were featured on Peru’s Quechua-Language News Broadcast “Ñuqanchik”


On Friday, December 16th, 2016, Penn students were featured on Peru’s First-Ever Quechua Language News Broadcast “Ñuqanchik“.

According El País, the program’s title Ñuqanchik is the Quechua word for the inclusive “we”, as opposed to the more limited notion of “ñuqayku”, which refers more specifically to a collective. Such linguistic nuances will be fundamental to Ñoqanchik’s news style, and as anchor Clodimoro Landeo explained, “Quechua isn’t only useful to translate or repeat what is said in Spanish, but rather to give other references. Its principal value is in complementing the same information through a different perspective. For example, in Quechua water isn’t just a chemical element, but also a vital element. It has a different value.”  – Source: Remezcla


Penn students sent greetings and congratulated “Ñuqanchik” for their work on making Quechua relevant on TV. Ñuqanchik is produced by TV Perú and Radio Nacional – Peru’s public television and radio networks.


Watch the video here:

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