Create a SAS Windows AD Account

Windows AD accounts are used for accessing SAS shared drives, Filemaker Pro & personal ‘U’ Drives.


Click this link to request a Windows AD Account (Note you will need your pennkey and penncard ID number):


Form Instructions / Clarifications

1. Full Name – Your name

2. Full Email Address – Your Penn e-mail address

3. Pennkey Username – Your PennKey username

4. PennCard ID # – the middle 8 digits of your id number – can be found on your penncard.

5. Status – your role (Work Study Students – please select “other students*” and specify “Work Study.”

6. Department – department you will be using this account with. (ie: CPCW or KWH).

7. Daytime Phone – a number you can be reached at, if necessary.

8. Reason(s) for Account Request – If a new employee, select “I am a new employee and require the account to get started in my position.”

9. Home directories – For non-faculty use only: provide explanation if necessary.

10. Use with a Mac – if logging in to a Mac, select yes.

11. Supervisor Approval – fill in “Chris Martin –”

12. SAS Local Support Provider – fill in Chris Martin –”

13. Additional comments – only if necessary


When your account is ready, you will be contacted via Secure Share email with a password to access your account.

Please note, account requests will take 1-2 business days to process.


Note that if you need to access these services from off-campus or over wifi, you will also need a Forticlient VPN account and connection.

For help with Filemaker Pro, check out the Filemaker Pro 17 Configuration Guide.

If you’ve forgotten a password for your AD account (for accessing Shared Drive / Filemakaer Pro), click here to reset your password.

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