08 Antiquarian Studies

Physical remains

Cultural and Social practices

Texts as Foundation

Example of humanist movement contributing to development of new fields

Tomb of Antenor (late 13th c)


Padua: Tomb of Antenor,  with tomb of Lovato


Petrarch and coins

NGC site: coins of Julius Caesar

Macquarie University Julius Caesar page

Commemorative medals

Francesco II da Carrara (Francesco Novello), 1390, commemorating victory over Visconti:

Pisanello, medal for Emperor John VIII Palaiologos, 1438

Biondo Flavio (1392-1463)

Biondo, Proem, Roma restaurata, (Verona, 1481-2)

Italia illustrata (1474)

Italian Art Society

Ciriaco of Ancona (Ciriaco de’ Pizzicolli, 1391 – 1453/55)

Inspired by Arch of Trajan, Ancona

an old website devoted to Ciriaco

Cyriac of Ancona, Drawing of Parthenon, Berlin, Staatsbibliothek, Ms. Hamilton 254, 85r.


Ciriaco’s records made in Tolentino in ca. 1437–40, preserved in the sylloge he gave to Filelfo (Ciriaco’s hand). Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Plut. 80.22, fol. 326r.

Rome and Material remains (from Rome seminar)