Indigenous Latinx Project, event series 2/26

[panel] Exploring Indigenous Latinx Identities, 2/26
Friday, February 26th, 8pm ET

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– Panel participants:

  • Dayanna Salas (student, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Frances Montevilla (student, University of Virginia)
  • Victoria Gonzales-Saldaña (student, University of Pennsylvania)

Moderator: Andrea Huacachino Andress (Ph.D. student at Penn)

Indigenous Latinx is a project supported by the Quechua program at the University of Pennsylvania, formed with the goal of providing a space for individuals of Indigenous Latinx descent to discuss their experiences, engage and learn about their culture, language, and create a community in a virtual setting. Facilitating these platforms is especially important when it is harder to interact with others (since there are no face-to-face encounters). The current state of the world, however, does not mean that efforts to build community are futile. Instead, we would like to take this opportunity to reach a bigger audience, as to include more voices and broaden our perspectives. This is why we would like to extend an invitation to you and your organization/club to attend “Exploring Indigenous Latinx Identities”, a series of  Zoom events on February 26, 2021 and April 9, 2021. These virtual encounters aim to allow students to explore their identity and gather their reflections within the framework of reclaiming indigenous identities in the Latinx community through informal conversations.

The first event on February 26th, 2021 will host a panel of students of North, Central and South American descent, who will talk about their experiences and reflect on how they discovered their identity, what it means to them, and how they celebrate it. Details on the second event will come later, but we hope to make this a more interactive experience. Hopefully, these events will raise questions about the status quo of the place of Indigenous individuals in society and can spark discourse on how to reclaim this identity. We except to reach as many people as possible, so if there is anyone that would be interested in participating, please share our email with them. Your participation is extremely important and would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through email to dayanna @ (Dayanna Salas) or via Instagram: @indigenouslatinx, where we will be posting answers to any questions and sharing fun content. Thank you so much for your time and we look forward to hearing back from you.

Everyone is welcome.