How to Set Up the Concur App at Penn

Concur is often used by staff and faculty at the University of Pennsylvania to submit expenses for reimbursement (either personal or travel card expenses).

In order to setup the Concur app at the University of Pennsylvania, follow the instructions below.The login process is not transparent. Special thanks to Brian Kirk for sharing this information.

Install the CONCUR mobile app from your App Store.

Sign in using Company SSO method.  It will ask for the Company Code

UPenn Company Code: LJACRC

Concur Username:

Replace “yourpennkeyname” with your pennkey name.

It will bounce you to a UPenn Pennkey login screen.  Login there using your pennkey username/password as usual, and your two-step authentication code – you can trust the browser.

Once done, it will send you back to the Concur App.  You should now be logged in.

How to forward O365 email address to a different account

    1. Log-in to the Penn O365 webmail here:
      Note that your user name is in the following form:
    2. In the top right corner, click on the Gear icon. Select “Options” from the drop down.
    3. On the left sidebar, under “Mail”->”Accounts”, click on “Forwarding.” Select “Start forwarding” and enter the email address you would like to forward to. Click “Save.”


How to Export Apple Contacts and Import into O365 via OWA (Web Interface)

I’m sure there is a better way to do this — perhaps by setting up the user’s O365 account in the Contacts app on the Mac and dragging and dropping local contacts to the O365 contacts.


Nonetheless, this is the process I used to copy a user’s MacOS Contacts into their O365 address book (a.k.a. “People”):


1.) Open the user’s Apple Contacts application on their computer.

2.) Select all of the contacts and dragged them into a blank Apple Pages spreadsheet (there’s no way to export direct to CSV from Apple Contacts).

3.) Export a sample CSV file from OWA to figure out the column structure. Clear out all of the entries, leaving only the column headers.

4.) From the Apple Pages spreadsheet, copy and paste 200 rows of user data into OWA CSV and save off the file as CSV.

5.) Clear the data and copy and pasted the next batch of 200 and saved off the file. Repeat as necessary.

6.) Upload the CSV files via the OWA interface into the “People” section.


Why 200 at a time? OWA claims to support up to 2,000 contacts per upload but, in my experience, it would time out before completing.


Also, possibly of note, I only bothered copying and pasting in First Name, Last Name and email address into the CSV files I was uploading into OWA — I left out other data because it wasn’t necessary and kept the file sizes smaller (which I thought might help with OWA’s time out habits).

Kelly Writers House 6Poem Tips

To update option 1 in 6Poem, you must dial the line using your phone and entering the proper password.

To update options 2, 3 and 4 in the 6Poem phone answering system system, follow these instructions:

  • Log in to:
  • Choose the group PCOM-KELLY-WRITERS
  • Click the “Action Menu” and choose “Upload file”
    • Note: Be sure your file is named using the kelly#.mp3 naming convention protocol
  • The 6Poem number will sync any changes made at midnight.

Creating properly formatted files for 6Poem

  • We recommend the audio program Audacity ( for recording / editing audio files. For some reason or other, the required format is 8-bit μ-law WAV with a sampling rate of 8 kHz. The method I found for creating them is slightly cumbersome:
    • Audacity allows you to specify μ-law encoding, but not sampling rate or bit depth (so far as I know). And iTunes lets you set the sampling rate and bit depth, but it doesn’t allow you to specify exotic WAV encoding formats. So I created 8-bit, 8-kHz WAVs in iTunes, then opened them in Audacity and saved them as μ-law files. You can choose μ-law encoding under the “Other uncompressed files” option in the “Export…” dialog box.

Software & Cloud Services Available to Penn Staff & Faculty (Free)

Below is a list of popular software and services licensed by the University and available to Penn Staff and Faculty for free. Click here for a complete list of supported Penn software.

Microsoft Office – available for Penn Faculty and Staff to install for free on up to 5 devices (including desktop, laptop and mobile devices). On a desktop and laptop computer, log in with your O365 account at In the top right hand corner, you should see a button that says “Install Office”. On mobile device, install a Microsoft app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store and then log in with your O365 user name and password.

Penn Box – a cloud file-storage service similar to Dropbox available to all active faculty and staff. Unlimited storage space.

Last Pass Premium – A secure, password management software that can also generate secure passwords / auto-fill your passwords into your browser and mobile devices  –

Symantec Anti Virus – Recommended for all desktop and laptop computers. More information:

Fetch FTP/SFTP Application (Mac): Fetch is the recommended, Penn-licensed application for connecting and conducting file transfers to Penn servers.

Adobe Acrobat Pro (which is now called Acrobat DC Pro) is available for some staff and faculty at the University, if you are using a computer purchased with Penn funds. Contact your Local Support Provider (LSP) to find out if you are eligible.

LabResearch is a cloud-based digital notebook for Lab Researchers to store, organize, share, and publish their laboratory research and data. More information is available here:

Qualtrics is a cloud based software for conducting research surveys and is also used for creating simple submission forms (e.g. for applications, registrations, polling). For more information, view the School of Arts and Sciences page about Qualtrics.

Printing From Your Laptop at CPCW

To print from your laptop to the CPCW 201 Copier, you will need to download and run the printer installer for your Mac or PC. You can download the installer via the link below:

Upon successful installation, you will see the CPCW printer listed in your list of available printers. When you click print, you will be prompted for your user name, a name for the job and a password. Once submitted, your print job will be available for release at the print station next to the copier.

AirPennNet – Manually configure Apple Computer via mobile profile

1 . Connect to AirPennNet-HELP

2. Once connected, go to this webpage:

3. Click on the section for iPhone, iPod Touches.

4. Click the faculty, staff link.

5. You will be prompted to download a configuration file. Download and then open that file. It will ask to install a profile and ask for your computer’s password, followed by your pennkey and password. After entering that information, it will install.

6. Switch you wifi to AirPennNet and it should now work!

7. To insure your computer doesn’t automatically connect to AirPennNet-Help in the future, go to System Preferences->Network->(make sure Wifi is selected in the left menu bar)->Advanced and remove AirPennNet-Help from your “Preferred Networks” list.