Databases to be added soon:


A. Macro-level Data

1. Global dataset on the incidence of civil war, 1945-2016

2. Global dataset on self-determination movements, 1945-2012.

3. Data on regional autonomy and non-violent repression of ethnic groups for a random sample of 100 self-determination movements, 1945-2012.

4. Data on United Nations peacekeeping and peace-building operations

5. New initiative to collect data on military interventions prior to the onset of civil war.



B. Micro-level Data

1. Survey/experimental data on national vs. ethno-regional identification in India (Kashmir); data on attitudes toward secession and irridentism among Kashmiris

2. Survey/experimental data on in-group bias, out-group prejudice, and political attitudes among refugees and their descendants in Cyprus; data on violence exposure during the war of 1974

3. Survey/experimental data on political attitudes, inter-personal solidarity, and in-group bias as a result of exposure to policies of fiscal austerity in Greece

4. Field experiment data on discrimination toward Muslims in Germany

5. Survey experiment data from a conjoint experiment on attitudes toward immigrants in Germany





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