PIC-Lab has occasional openings for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral research fellows for one-year, renewable, full-time, appointments. Fellows split their time between their own research and work for a team led by Professor Nicholas Sambanis at Penn’s Department of Political Science. Fellows can work on any of the ongoing projects listed on the PIC-Lab website.  These projects include, but are not limited to, topics related to intervention and peacebuilding; the legacies of wartime violence; the determinants of conflict escalation in self-determination movements; discrimination and conflict between native and immigrant populations; and processes of identity formation and change. A variety of methods are used in these projects, including field experiments, lab experiments, large-N statistical analysis, survey research, game-theoretic modeling, and historical/archival research. Job responsibilities will vary depending on the strengths and interests of the successful applicants, but they will include some combination of assisting with projects undertaken by a research team involving faculty at Penn and other institutions; data collection and management; drafting presentations; conducting preliminary data analyses; and possibly participating in field work. Successful applicants will have excellent training in methods (statistical analysis, survey research, experimental design; or qualitative and ethnographic methods). Computer programming skills are highly desirable as is ability to work with large databases using different statistical software (R; Stata). All applicants should have excellent organizational skills, be intellectually curious, ambitious, energetic, and self-motivated.  There is no teaching requirement. Fellows are expected to participate in the Lab’s weekly workshop both as discussants and as presenters of research. Fellows will receive feedback on their research and professional mentoring by faculty affiliates.


Qualifications, Requirements, and Application Information

There are currently no openings.  Please check back periodically for information specific to new positions, including internships for under-graduate students, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships and other research positions.

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