How to Set Windows AD Password & Connect To Shared Drive

1. Set New Password

The temporary one-time password for your new account will be in the following form:


where the 12345678 is the middle 8 digits of your Penn ID number.

  1. Open your browser to:
  2. Log in with your user name (your user name is the same as your pennkey) and the temporary password mentioned above.
  3. You will be asked to change your password. Note: Your password cannot match your Pennkey. It must be 8 to 15 characters and include a letter, number and special character.

2. How To Connect to the Shared Drive

Note: You must be on a wired campus computer to connect to the shared drive.

Click on the desktop of your Mac computer (Finder) and click on the top menu bar:

To connect to the CPCW shared drive, enter:

To connect to the KWH shared drive, enter:

Use your Windows AD account credentials (the account above in Step 1) to log in.

Create a SAS Windows AD Account

Click the link below to request a Windows AD Account (used to access the shared drive & ‘U’ Drive). You will need your pennkey and penncard ID number.


Form Instructions / Clarifications

1. Full Name – Your name

2. Full Email Address – Your Penn e-mail address

3. Pennkey Username – Your PennKey username

4. PennCard ID # – the middle 8 digits of your id number – can be found on your penncard.

5. Status – your role (Work Study Students – please select “other students*” and specify “Work Study.”

6. Department – department you will be using this account with. (ie: CPCW or KWH).

7. Daytime Phone – a number you can be reached at, if necessary.

8. Reason(s) for Account Request – If a new employee, select “I am a new employee and require the account to get started in my position.”
Professors ONLY: Check “I require a home directory (“U: drive) to store my documents and/or for data backup.”

9. Home directories – For non-faculty use only: provide explanation if necessary.

10. Use with a Mac – if logging in to a Mac, select yes.

11. Supervisor Approval – fill in “Christopher Martin –”

12. SAS Local Support Provider – fill in “”Christopher Martin –”

13. Additional comments – only if necessary


When your account is ready, you will be contacted via email with a temporary password to access your account.

Please note, account requests will take a couple of business days to process.